Monday, October 17, 2016

Porch Reveal

Are you surprised?
I'm sure you can't believe that I actually came back and put up another post and it didn't take me months?
I'm trying!
So back to the porch.

Welcome back. Up the stairs we go.

I can see a big improvement already. I guess it couldn't have been much worse, right?


The porch re-do all started with this bench I found at Restoration Hardware. The color scheme came from the rug, which I saw by chance at Target. I always find that when you're actually looking for something you can never find it.  I thought the red and orange would be a good compliment to the pink paint of my house and porch and the maroon shutters.

I also got the smaller oblong (rectangle) pillows during the same trip to Target.
The other pillows are from Pottery Barn and Cost Plus World Market.  The stools/side tables are also from Cost Plus World Market. I ordered the Sunbrella fabric in Dupione Crimson  for the large cushion from Outdoor Fabric Central and had the cushion made locally.
I added one of my plants that is usually inside and my Kartell mirror from my old apartment to fill in the empty spaces. The mirror has been sitting in a closet for almost 4 years so I was glad that I finally found a spot for it.
Swing cushions also from Target and Cost Plus World Market.

Looking forward to eventually having some al fresco dining.  It's warm enough today and tomorrow, so I might have to make it work.
Runner from Cost Plus World Market, lantern from Crate and Barrel and dining chairs from Target.



I'll probably get an ottoman or coffee table, so that we can eat or put our feet up, but we will see as I don't want to block the walkway.
Side tables are from.. surprise, surprise... Target and the chairs were from... again.. surprise, surprise.. Cost Plus World Market. You can imagine what my cart looked like when I went to both of these stores. Whoa. Aisle 3, crazy lady buying out the store.
Cost Plus only had three chairs when I bought them. I was kinda bummed cuz it would have been nice to have a fourth chair, but three do fit well in the space.


That's it.
I wish I had gotten this post up when it was actually still summer.
Maybe it would have been helpful if you were redoing your outdoor spot.
If you are in a warmer area, Target still has a bunch of the items available and on sale.
I hope you like the porch.
Come on over!
Enjoy cocktails, the sunset and the company on our porch!

Friday, September 30, 2016

Chillin' On the Porch

What?? a post???
What's that?
How long has it been?
beyyyyyoond a long time
Welcome back.
I missed you.
Welcome to the StyleBurbia casa.
These are the steps to my front door.

And here is my much neglected porch-random benches and all.

View of the street:

I said it was neglected.
Don't judge.
Random rug from old apartment....
Very comfortable chairs with cool print, but that nothing matches.
I also didn't like that they kinda stuck out into the walkway.


Nice little swing.
Needs some TLC.

Huge table with leaves that would be great for dinners on the porch if we ever had them.
Correction- we used this ONCE for a lovely dinner on the porch never to be had again.

More random furniture....

View from the swing facing back in the direction where we started our little stroll down the porch.

Hot mess!!!
You'll have to check back to see what I did...
I never do that, but today it is done.
I need you to come back.
It will be worth it (I hope).

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The StyleBurbia Casa is famous... sorta... ok not really, but this is pretty cool!!!

The StyleBurbia casa has been a little famous lately.
You can check out Miss StyleBurbia casa here in this Samsung commercial:
The girl chewing gum; the dog shaking (on our patio) and the dinner party (in our dining room) were all filmed at our house.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Kitchen Final Update

Hi. hi.
Sometimes you get so caught up in the renovation process you forget to share the finished product.
Drum roll please.....
Though I would say we've been done for probably over a year (lol), here is the StyleBurbia kitchen.


For a walk down memory lane, here are some pictures from the process and some of our inspiration:

Posts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6* (this one provides a great look at the whole process), 7 & 8.

 I included a few here for your browsing pleasure:





How did we do?

Do you like the finished result?

We are enjoying it immensely.

Talk soon.