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A Little Something for the Guys

A few of my guy followers wanted to know why I hadn't included a men's spring shopping list and the truth is, I was actually working on it to post for this lovely Friday. 
I'll preface this post by saying that all of the items that I am going to include are more for weekend wear.  I think most men look good in the basic button-down and slacks for the office.  So, let's focus on the more fun stuff.
Let's start with outerwear.
This jacket can be worn over anything- a t-shirt, button-down, sweater, pants or jeans.  It's basic and simple, but looks good with everything and on everyone.

Guys, this is super easy.  Just don't wear them too baggy or too tight. We ladies want to be able to see the outline of your physique without actually seeing it.  Keep us guessing.  It's all about the intrigue.   ;)  

Again. Simple. Easy. Hard to screw up.

Great for the spring when the weather is unpredictable.  Aga…

Spring Shopping List

With the weather yesterday in NYC, you would swear we were in the middle of winter, but before we know it, spring will REALLY be here.  That's why I'm working on my spring shopping list, so that I will be prepared when spring truly graces us with its presence.

So, here's what's on my list:
1) Crisp white shirt 

Not much to say about this.  It's classic.  It goes with everything- pants, skirts, jeans and shorts.   It should always be a staple in your wardrobe.
See a budget-friendly version here at Joe Fresh.

2) Gingham button down

Cute, girly and sweet, but still professional enough that you can wear it to work. 
I'll be paring mine with trousers and pencil skirts during the week and white jeans during the weekend.  This would also look super cute with cut off shorts or bermudas depending on your preference when it comes to the length of your shorts.

3) Cropped Trousers
 I'm thinking of getting something like this in a basic color like navy and then anoth…

More from the Kitchen Files

Let's just say there is a lot of pressure to have a beautiful, functional and inviting kitchen because the kitchen, most often, is the heart of the home. 

We've been working on a lot of different aspects of the kitchen: the style of the kitchen- traditional, contemporary or transitional, the new layout, the appliances, the cabinets, the counter tops and the floor.  So, you get my drift.  There is A LOT to figure out. 
So, here's what we have figured out so far:  We want a contemporary kitchen.  The cabinet doors will be white with sleek, flat fronts and probably very glossy.
Something like this: 

Some contemporary kitchens, especially when the cabinets are white, can seem a bit cold, so we will likely add some warmth with the counter top that we choose.
At the same time, I do love the look of a kitchen with white cabinets and white counter tops.  See here and here.  I would love the below kitchen with all white cabinets:

 We will likely get an induction cook top.  Ind…


Here's a great way for you to follow my blog and others you love.  It's called Bloglovin'. You log on and see all of the posts of your favorite blogs or if you're like me you can get an e-mail when a blog you follow posts a new post.  The e-mail has a small summary from each blog you follow.  It makes your blog lovin' (had to throw that in there once) super easy and convenient.
Try it out and follow my blog at bloglovin:
Happy Weekend! xo

Outdoor Summer Parties

Sorry for the radio silence this week, but I was deathly ill and am only just getting out of bed after 2 days... ugh!  Though I'm still not 100%, I started thinking of things to cheer myself up and what came to mind? ... Throwing parties in our new backyard this summer! Hooray... (slightly less enthusiastic than normal... mustering up strength)!! There we go. :)

Here are a few things that I thought would be great for summer entertaining:

My mother-in-law has these plates and a bunch from Thomas Paul and I love them:

and outdoor decor...

Are you looking forward to summer entertaining? Anything on your to-get list to make your summer parties prettier? 

Bringing Some Sunshine to an Otherwise Grey Day

Happy Friday!
Half of the time when I find something on the web that I like, I wonder how I even found it in the first place.  So, it will be hard for me to retrace my steps, but one day I stumbled across the blog Made By Hickory Chair, the blog of furniture maker Hickory Chair.  I think I was reading a blog that referenced their blog, but I can't be certain.  Anyhow, I saw these two pictures:

and this my friends, is how my obsession with decorating with grey and yellow began... (my post yesterday mentions this obsession)

I found a store that sold Hickory Chair furniture, Hampton House, and went to check out the fabric samples literally the day we closed on the house (not kidding).  Of course, the in-house designer told me that the velvet, that the two above couches are covered in, is one of the highest grade fabrics and therefore the most expensive.  Well, at least I know how to pick them!  I jumped the gun a bit as we still aren't quite ready to buy furniture for most of o…

You Light Up My Life

Lately, I am totally obsessed with MANY different things.  Here are my top 5: 1) Mirrors, 2) Pinterest, 3) Bright Colors for my Spring Wardrobe, 4) Decorating in Grey and Yellow and 5) Lighting.

In the new house, we're going to need a lot of new lighting.  I'm planning on putting chandeliers EVERYWHERE- the master bathroom, my dressing room, the dining room, the foyer, the re-designed sunroom and possibly the kiddos bathroom too.  Well, when I said I was obsessed, I wasn't kidding! :)  A lot of the new chandeliers are less traditional and aren't what come to mind when you think chandelier.

So without further ado, here are some of my chandelier inspirations:

Simple and Classic
Sleek and modern This is my fav. Love it! This one is a lot of fun!

This one reminds me of a jellyfish.  I'm thinking something like this would be great in my dressing room.

I also have to find somewhere to put our current chandeliers.

Stay tuned to see which chandelier…

Paint, Paint, Paint

The previous owners of our house had good taste in paint.  We liked every color in the house, but we wanted to change things up.  Paint is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to change the feel of a room or an entire house.  The previous owners had 3 daughters and we have two sons, so we wanted to give their bedrooms a slightly more 'boyish' vibe without painting both of their rooms the standard baby blue.
Here are pics of our older boy-H's room (excuse the mess):

Here are some pics of our little boy, T's room:

We decided to keep the carpeting in the rooms as the stripes are playful and good for a kid's room.  We already bought new ceiling fans for both rooms, so those should be up shortly.
I decided to paint my dressing area in the same color as the living room in our apartment (Creamy Orange by Behr) because I wanted to bring a little piece of our apartment into our new house.
Are there any colors that you use over and over again?