How does your Garden Grow?

Happy Friday!

I love flowers, plants and gardening.  I've been lucky enough to have a small garden in the outdoor area of my apartment (See previous post here) to exercise my green thumb.  Of course, my apartment garden isn't huge and it's a little shady, but I've worked through this by mostly planting annuals and shade-loving plants. 

If I'm losing you, because you know nothing about plants you can always scroll down to look at the pretty pictures. :)

So, our new house has flowering trees, roses, hydrangeas and other bulbs.  I am super excited to see how everything looks as we bought the house in the dead of winter (was there really a dead of winter this year..? nope) and I can't wait to add a little of my own flair to what already seems like a beautiful garden. Hooray! 

Here's a little garden inspiration to fill up your Friday!

Butchart Gardens on Vancouver Island

Claude Monet Gardens in Giverny, France




All pictures taken from

Happy Weekend!

More house pictures next week...


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