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Lounge update

Hi there.
All good here. The baby count down has officially begun with only 3 weeks, 2 days left. Considering I already have 2 little guys, you would think this should be a piece of cake for me. Nope. Not. At. All. The panic is starting to set in because I feel like I haven't been in baby mode in so long. Will I be fine? I'm sure I will be, but stiiiiiiiilllll. Time to get my game face on.
So, while I am still walking around (barely) and not in the midst of sleep deprivation and diapers, I shall post a few updates that I have neglectfully forgotten to share.
So a while ago, I was dealing with a conundrum. I was trying to recreate the lounge/sun room off our kitchen area, but with a more contemporary feel.
Read {here} to refresh your memory.

The sun room while the previous owners lived in our house:

When we first moved in it looked like this (omg Hayden looks so little here):

Then we graduated to this:

and for a while it looked like this (minus the streamers):

Apologies for all of the horri…