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A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That

I'm loving the fact that we have had absolutely nothing planned the last few weekends.  No meetings with contractors, no running to pick out bathroom fixtures or counter tops, no picking up a million supplies from Home Depot, no kiddo birthday parties.   I could get used to this. lol
Because we are so used to having every moment of our weekends allocated to house renovations, we have a tendency to walk around the house saying, "soooo what do we need to do here?"
There are definitely a few big projects left to do like trying to figure out what to do with this counter top where our washer and dryer are housed.  We might do a different counter top than the one on the main island to mix things up a bit.

I had been looking for a runner for the area above and for a rug near the sink.

I think the one I found on One Kings Lane looks really pretty in the space (but I might be slightly biased).  

I love that it is chevron and I love how it pick ups the greys and purple in our kit…

California Love

So, the last year has been super hectic to say the least.  With all of the renovations going on at the house, we hadn't taken a true vacation since April. We were finally able to escape to the west coast for a quick weekend in LA and a week in San Francisco.  My sister and hubby moved to San Fran a year and a half ago and we hadn't been out to visit yet. Yes, I know. Bad, bad, bad sister!!!  My parents made the trip out to so it was truly a family vacation.  Luckily, we had to extend our trip a few extra days due to Nemo (since when do we name blizzards?).  I guess the snow has a way of bringing family together. lol

So here are a few pictures from our family album...

California Academy of Sciences

Thank you Mr. Presidents

First off, Happy early birthday to my baby boy, Tristan who will be turning 2 tomorrow!
This little guy is sooooo sweet. Every morning I get kisses waking me up.
Life is so much better with him in it.
Thanks to these guys, I will be crossing off some stuff on my to-do list around the house on Monday.

I need to finally hang the window treatments I got for Hayden's room. I'm hoping it will make it a little easier to get the boys to sleep at night with a darker room (fingers crossed) (p.s those aren't my pillows- previous owner picture): Still trying to figure out a sectional for this space (please excuse this horrible picture).  Let's just say finding a sectional with a wedge piece is a lot more difficult and expensive than you would think.  If we can't figure this out soon we will have to resort to two couches- a loveseat and a longer couch. What the space looks like now. We need something cozier to watch tv on and would prefer to have one piece rather than …

Happy Love Day!

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of StyleBurbia. Damn, time flies by, huh? So, on this day where we are supposed to be reminding everyone how much we love them, I want to thank you for reading (though my posts have been short and sporadic lately) and tell you how much I love you!!! I should be doing this every day. Happy Valentine's Day! xo