Thank you Mr. Presidents

First off, Happy early birthday to my baby boy, Tristan who will be turning 2 tomorrow!
This little guy is sooooo sweet. Every morning I get kisses waking me up.
Life is so much better with him in it.
Thanks to these guys, I will be crossing off some stuff on my to-do list around the house on Monday.

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I need to finally hang the window treatments I got for Hayden's room. I'm hoping it will make it a little easier to get the boys to sleep at night with a darker room (fingers crossed) (p.s those aren't my pillows- previous owner picture):
Still trying to figure out a sectional for this space (please excuse this horrible picture).  Let's just say finding a sectional with a wedge piece is a lot more difficult and expensive than you would think.  If we can't figure this out soon we will have to resort to two couches- a loveseat and a longer couch.
What the space looks like now. We need something cozier to watch tv on and would prefer to have one piece rather than two (a little birthday decorations for the boys' birthdays):

The previous owners had this sectional which is perfect for the space. I just wish we could find a contemporary version of this.  Apparently a lot of companies have done away with the wedge (see center piece) because most new houses and apartments don't have strange, awkward rooms and angles like these any more (the words of one of the furniture guys I talked to).
Here were some of the options that I was trying to use instead of a wedge, but they take away space from an already small room.  See all of the wasted space behind each version?

Any suggestions for my design dilemma???
Please help!
This is seriously driving my cray cray (crazy for those not down with the lingo. lol)!!!
Anywho, enjoy your day off if you have one.
I will be a busy little bee.
Talk soon.


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