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As Thanksgiving Day draws upon us tomorrow, I think it's always a good time to remember what we are thankful for.  It's something I think we should do more often (like every day), but we should do it at least once a year, right?
I am thankful for: a loving and supportive family both immediate and extended (honorable mentions go out to my parents, sis and hubby), my two beautiful boys, my health, amazing friends, a lovely home, a job that pays the bills and my StyleBurbia readers (you didn't think I was going to forget you?).

What are you thankful for on this Thanksgiving Day and every day?
xo, Ris

Seriously, is it Winter Already? Fall Updates!

I woke up this morning and it was snowing. Yes, I know it's November, but really? I'm not ready yet.  Part of my mind still thinks it's August. 
Since time is flying by, I need to do a little fall recap for you.

1st day of school. Hayden returns to preschool but it's Tristan's first day of school. Yippee!

A little visit with my Grandpa. I'm not sure who's cuter.

My aunt and uncle own a farm in East Lyme, Connecticut- Scott's Yankee Farmer.  The boys got to do a little pumpkin picking.

Some gourds for mama: 

and Tristan got to 'drive' a tractor.

How cute is this?

almost there. lol!

some QT with the cousins:

Then it was time for Halloween! Too bad Tristan is acting like an angry dog :(