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Here Comes Sandy!

Of course we move to the burbs just in time for a big storm.

I'm just hoping our trees are as strong as they are beautiful.

If you are on the East Coast, I hope you are staying safe, warm and dry  (of course I hope you are all of these things too wherever you are).
Xo, Ris

We Moved In!!!!

Finally!  We moved in last Saturday. It feels great. More unpacking to do. More projects to finish, but at least we are in.
We kept going back and forth on what to do in our powder room. At first I was going to do a wall with tile like this:

or this:  

Let's just say that a small wall with one of those tiles would cost A LOT and though we were fine spending it on this space, our budget was shrinking by the minute. So we went back to the lovely Aileen at Porcelanosa and came up with other options: These two options were lovely, but didn't have a wow factor:  

We pretty quickly decided on the floor that we liked. It was cool because we brought the floor tile and the tile that resembled our vanity and mixed and matched it with different wall tiles (See above and below). 

The wall behind this display of sinks was jumping out at hubby, but I was a bit too afraid that it was too 'fun house mirrorish'.

Let's just say I was convinced.  We decided to take t…

A Little Pick Me Up

We sold our apartment in the end of June.  We've been staying with my mother-in-law since then while the last touches are going on at the house. Not sure what it is, but every morning I wake up with the puffiest eyes ever.  This has never happened to me before.  I'm not sure what's causing this. Maybe I'm allergic to her two kitties (though I had my own cat growing up and was fine)? Maybe not sleeping through the night for almost 19 months has taken its toll on my under eye area? (Note:  my little guy finally started sleeping through the night about a month ago- after almost 19 months. Hooray! We can get into a whole sleep training discussion, but will save that for another day.) Maybe I need to just admit I'm getting older and need to go to bed earlier (ummm.. don't like this option)?
Whatever is causing my bags and dark circles, I usually don't wear makeup to the office (read- i'm too lazy) or much at all unless I'm going out, but I might have …

We've Come A Long Way, Baby

Happy Wednesday!
When we first saw our house the Master Bedroom looked like this: No complaints.  It was a good size and got a lot of light.

Then it looked like this: We took out the carpet (it was a bit more worn than we originally thought it was.), repainted in a similar hue that had more grey than blue undertones and redid the floors.

Things were looking pretty good (at least I thought so).  Then we had the insulation done and it looked like this: Eeeek!!

They bored holes into my walls!!

Then we had to patch the holes and REPAINT!

We had to do this ALL OVER THE HOUSE.

Now on to the Master Closet...
The closet in the Master Bedroom looked like this:

Remember the lovely wallpaper hiding behind the clothes? It's pretty hard to forget, but if you did, take a look at this old post.

Still a work in progress, but now the closet looks like this: For budgetary reasons we went from wanting to install California Closets to Elfa by the Container Store to to Martha St…

Did You Miss Me?

I am sooooo sorry. I have been beyond MIA the last week or so.  A lot has been going on. Things at the house are really coming together and it looks like our kitchen will finally be finished this week.  Our hot water and heat will be ready to go.  The house is insulated.  The rooms are painted.  All we need to do is another top-to-bottom cleaning to get rid of the TON of sheet rock dust that has settled on EVERYTHING and move furniture around.
It has been a long time coming.
So here is what has been going on.
We finished installing the kitchen cabinets and the granite guys came to measure the island.  They said in the 9 years they have worked for the company, this has been the biggest island they have measured. 
Hmmmm... Maybe we should have gone a bit smaller on the island?

At first, I thought we would choose a granite that was bit more intense. Maybe something like one of these:

It's hard to see this stone due to the reflection, but a prettier version of this was our front ru…