Thank You!!

Happy Monday!

Just wanted to start out the week by thanking all of you for stopping by and reading.  It has been a great experience connecting with many of you due to this blog and my adventures in home renovation.
There is more to come!

Hope you'll keep reading! Thanks for the support.

For those of you dying to become members of StyleBurbia (yes, you!), see instructions below.

Why become a member you say? The more members I have, the more interest is generated around my blog.  Maybe Mr. Joe Schmo executive will come across my blog and see that I have a gazillion members and offer me my own show on HGTV or a monthly column in a magazine.  A girl can dream, right?  Don't you want to help a girl's dreams come true?  Yes? So join!!! Please!

Here's to another cup of coffee on the bleary-eyed Monday.

Talk soon!



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