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Green Thumb

Hi hi!! I am doing a lot better after all of the tree chaos. Thanks so much for asking.  ;) I guess my love of plants and trees started at an earlier age since my mom is the original tree hugger. In honor of Throwback Thursdays, #tbt, I'll share some pictures of me from back in the day.

Check out my mom in her sexy short shorts (she is going to kill me when she sees this. LOL). There I am in the background playing with some hydrangeas, which are still some of my favorite flowers.

Here's a little me and some hostas (among a million other different plants).

They are still one of my favorite shade-loving plants.
Check out my driveway:

Here's me again.   There's nothing like sitting in the sun on a nice day next to a garden.

So, of course I was thrilled when we moved to the house and saw these amazing built-in flower boxes. These are on the windows right outside our kitchen and sun room.  This is the patio area in our backyard. Since I knew this area would get a lot of tr…

Tree Hugger

Happy Friday!
We had a lot going on at the house this week. If you remember one of my posts during Hurricane Sandy you might remember that our house is surrounded by some humongous trees. Well, we found out that the people that were hired to trim our trees' branches when the previous owners lived in our house didn't do such a great job. They had cut a lot of the branches too close to the trees.  Once the nubs shrank (I guess this is what trees do when you cut their branches) they created a hole where water came in and rotted the tree.  They also kept cutting the lower branches of some of the trees. This is especially bad when there are extreme winds because the tree has no lower branches to help it distribute the wind forces. Yes, I now know a lot about trees. Just call me Ris, the arborist, for the day.

So, you can only imagine how excited the boys were when we woke and found this crane truck across the street.

This was the view of our neighbor's house from our porch.   …

My Life in Pictures

So, you thought I fell off the face of the earth and had shuttered StyleBurbia? I can't blame you. I've been working my tail off and let me tell you, working a ton during the summer is SO NOT FUN. It is even harder because summer is my favorite time of year (besides Christmas).  I should be catching lightning bugs and eating ice cream with the boys and sipping wine with the hubs on our porch while the light lasts well until the night. I am not at all happy about this, but what can you do?
So, forgive my infrequent posts and know that it will get better as soon as my work schedule improves.
So, here's a quick update on what's been going on via my Instagram feed. Follow me {here}.

Happy July 4th!
A view of the Freedom Tower and a little Lady Liberty love.

Another reason to celebrate? My birthday!!

Here are a few selfies of my b-day outfit:

I love the unique colors of this dress:

Are you as obsessed with Mad Men as I am and don't know what to do until the next season…