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Happy Friday!

We had a lot going on at the house this week.
If you remember one of my posts during Hurricane Sandy you might remember that our house is surrounded by some humongous trees. Well, we found out that the people that were hired to trim our trees' branches when the previous owners lived in our house didn't do such a great job. They had cut a lot of the branches too close to the trees.  Once the nubs shrank (I guess this is what trees do when you cut their branches) they created a hole where water came in and rotted the tree.  They also kept cutting the lower branches of some of the trees. This is especially bad when there are extreme winds because the tree has no lower branches to help it distribute the wind forces. Yes, I now know a lot about trees. Just call me Ris, the arborist, for the day.

So, you can only imagine how excited the boys were when we woke and found this crane truck across the street.

This was the view of our neighbor's house from our porch. 
 I loved it because it felt like there was a little woodland area between our two houses.

Yes, our house is pink. lol

Crane setting up in our driveway.

The excitement continues.

Up, up and away......

This window seat is the perfect spot for checking everything out.

First, came down one of the branches of the big oak to the left. Some of these branches had fallen on our neighbors' air conditioners in previous storms.  I literally started crying when I saw this view.  Gone was my woodland. All I saw was house. 
So upsetting! (Yes, in the large scheme of life- wars, disease, etc. this is nothing, but I still have the right to be a little sad, right? I am, after all, a huge tree, plant, flower lover and it was just painful to take down any tree.)

Behind the tall skinny pine tree on the right you can see the Birch that they were taking down because they were afraid it would fall if it was too windy. (It did survive Sandy, but with it being so close to our neighbors' house we thought it might be better to replace it with a smaller tree.

You can see the trunk on the ground. boo :(

After they killed and mauled, I mean trimmed and took down based on my request, my trees, they turned their attention to one of my trees that they were concerned was rotting.

I loved how these three trees lined our driveway.  I'm sure they were planted at the same time, so I definitely didn't want to break up the group (more tears ensued...I would be breaking up a tree family. They were brothers! Waaaaaaa!!!)

It didn't help that I was still upset about this:

Of course, they found out that water had been sweeping into the tree for years and it was completely rotted.
I'm sure you know I was super happy when I received that news. lol.

Up they went and down came my tree. :(

I felt a little bit better when I saw the actual condition of the tree. I said a LITTLE. 

We were actually lucky that this tree didn't fall our our house during Hurricane Sandy.

Needless to say, we have a TON of wood chips now.  At least our trees will always be a part of our yard.
Can you tell them I'm a sentimentalist?

Now that I'm all cried out, tell me what your plans are for the summer... it's going fast.
Share, share, share.
Let's get some comments on the blog (though I truly appreciate the ones on facebook). 
It's just these pages are looking so lonely and empty ;).

Hope all is well.
much love,


  1. So sorry for the loss of your tree :(( I too am a tree lover and we lost some during Sandy as well.

  2. Thanks for understanding, Donna.
    We tree huggers have to stick together. lol.
    Thanks for posting.


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