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Master Update

Hello there lovies and Happy Friday! Don't you love a short work week? I'm so happy that the weekend is here again and the weather has finally (fingers crossed) made a turn for the warmer.
I finally have some pictures from our Master Bedroom. Yes, I have been promising these for a while.  Yes, I have not lived up to my promises.  Don't hate me :(
You know I always like to show a little bit of before, during and after.
So, here's what the room looked like before we moved in:

After we painted, ripped up the carpet and re-did the floors:

A little furniture placement:

... and how we are looking now...

and there we have it folks..
We still have a little bit of work to do. I want to put a mirror or some artwork over the dresser.  Of course I'd like to find a different rug to go with our grey themed bedroom, but for now we'll have to do with the purple one from our old apartment.  I also want to get a few interesting throw pillows or shams for the bed to spruce it up…

A Little Fun in the Sun with the Fam and Great Friends

Here are a few pictures from our Texas vacation that seems like it was AGES ago. You can always count on lots of work to ruin some good R & R. Boo! We usually head down there once a year as my father-in-law has some digs right on the beach. He's nice enough to let us invite a bunch of our friends down and we usually stay for a week.
This year we started the trip out in Austin.  Some of our friends, Paul & Deborah, moved to Dallas so they were kind enough to drive to Austin for a little rendezvous.  It was great cuz we hadn't met their adorable twins, Reese and Cole, yet.
I should have a ton of pictures of all of the Austin scenes that we took in, but that was hard to do with 4 kiddos in tow.  Next time we have to hire a babysitter for the brood, so we can really enjoy the city.  I have to say that I really liked Austin and would definitely visit there again.  We had some amazing meals at la Barbecue (a food truck where a little band played and you got free beer while …

Where Have I Been?

Hi Hi!!!!!
I'm sure you probably thought I went on a permanent vacation. I know. I know. I missed you too.
Things were cray cray at the office for a while there. I basically got back from vacation (I went on vacation?? I was relaxed and had fun??) and then worked 26 days without a day off. I am not 22 any more and as much as it sucked then to pull that kind of work schedule it is soooooooo much worse now. Not being able to spend my whole weekend with the kiddos and working late nights gets tougher and tougher. That being said, this post will be a short one. I'm still recuperating. lol.
Let's just say I will have some vacation pictures, master bedroom updates and pool progress to report on next week. 
It will be worth the long ass wait. 
I promise.
In the mean time, let's just keep our collective fingers crossed that our pool will look as inviting as these.

or how about this one?

Happy to be back in the real world enjoying life with you. Hope all has been well. Let me …