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Weekend in Review

Lately, I'm always looking around for furniture for the house.  I'll probably wait until we actually move in to buy the majority of the pieces, so that I have a better feel for how we use the space, but it doesn't hurt to window shop until then, right?

Here were some of lovelies that I encountered:

Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams were having a tag sale.  They had one in January too and there were quite a few pieces that were discounted heavily. Keep your eyes open for the next one.

West Elm had quite a few things that I really liked though they were mostly smaller items and not furniture.

Parsons desk wrapped in grass cloth:


They are having a bedding sale, 20% off all items.  There were many duvets that I liked.

Ikat bedding:

This Drink is on Me

I love having parties and I'm really looking forward to finally having enough room to entertain for more than 10 people at a time (and that was only possible during the summer when we would cram everyone into our outdoor space).  Perhaps it has to do with part of my inner 'hostess with the mostest', but there is something quite chic about having a beautiful spot to display all of your bar items so that you will always be prepared to make that martini for an unexpected guest (or the many drinks for those expected ones).

I started dreaming about bar carts about 5 years ago when we bought our apartment in Brooklyn.  Alas, there wasn't a great space for one.  I made due with a tray with a few of my favorite Nambe glasses and a pretty decanter, which usually held whiskey or scotch, but also housed an occasional rum or bourbon.

Now that we'll have more space, here are a few of my favs:

Lucite bar cart in designer Cynthia Rowley's home. I love lucite!

An oldie but goo…

Yellow & Grey Pillows

My lovely sister saw the window seat I posted in my last post (see {here}) and asked, "where can I get that grey and white pillow?  I need one to go with the yellow and grey ikat pillow I bought (see {here} and {here})."  I knew I had seen one similar to it recently, so I jumped onto google and plugged away.  I couldn't find the exact pillow despite my many attempts. :(  I did however, go to my go-to source for pillows,, and found a few pillows that looked like the one on the window seat and then I found a bunch more that I thought would look great with her ikat pillows.  One of the great things about etsy (and there are many) is that you will find a lot of these pillows elsewhere for more money.  The pillow makers on etsy buy the same designer fabric on the same pillows you find in stores, but sell them for less. See below for some of the lovelies that I found.  For more take a look {here}. Where do you shop for your pillows?  Any particular ones that you are…