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Fall Fashion

Hi there lovies-

I usually like to send out my seasonal trends before the season starts, but you now how it goes- Lots of real job work going on around these parts and poor StyleBurbia is suffering in my absence. At least it's still Fall and we're not up to our eyeballs in snow, right (though I did see some snow in some pictures from some of my Colorado peeps- not ready AT ALL!)?
 I digress... as usual... so let's take a lookie.

Easy ways to spruce up items you may already have in your wardrobe- animal print, leather, metallics and plaid- add a red lip and you're set.

Fall Fashion by styleburbia

(Featured ladies: Solange Knowles, Ashley Madekwe with photos by Iddo Goldberg and Blaire Eadie)

Olivia Palermo's short leather skirt is balanced perfectly with a pair of dark tights.

Ashley Madekwe, actress and Ring my Bell blogger, rocks a super cute leather skirt and red lips. She also makes several appearances in my style board above.

These sultry animal print looks are …