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Warning! Picture Overload!

Hi friends-
Let's just say, I needed a break. This summer was turning into a bit of a bummer.  I hadn't had a day off since July 4th weekend and 30 days without a break from work was getting me down. Luckily we had a little R&R planned and it was needed and definitely welcomed.

We headed up north to upstate New York right on the Canadian border to a house on Lake Ontario. This was our fifth trip up there and we were looking forward to a house full of family.  My hubby's dad, his three brothers, our two sister-in-laws and our niece, plus our family and my parents all snuggled up in our house on the lake. 

Some fishing with Uncle Evan:

Awww. How cute is this pic with papa?

My dad looking pensive:

Chilling on the quad:

Funny faces:

And the most amazing sunsets:


A little stroll..

with some scary monster faces:

Checking out the sea-doo:

My parents rolling on the quad:

Spaces that Speak to Me

Sometimes I'm looking online or in a magazine and I come across a space that really speaks to me. This was definitely the case with interior decorator Lee Kleinhelter's home in Atlanta. Lee is the lady behind Pieces.  
Usually, I need to have a running commentary on what I like from each picture, but here I LOVE it all.
Take a look.

To see more pictures of Lee's lovely home take a look {here}.

Any amazing spaces that you would like to share? I would love to see.

Hope all is well.