Warning! Picture Overload!

Hi friends-

Let's just say, I needed a break. This summer was turning into a bit of a bummer.  I hadn't had a day off since July 4th weekend and 30 days without a break from work was getting me down. Luckily we had a little R&R planned and it was needed and definitely welcomed.

We headed up north to upstate New York right on the Canadian border to a house on Lake Ontario. This was our fifth trip up there and we were looking forward to a house full of family.  My hubby's dad, his three brothers, our two sister-in-laws and our niece, plus our family and my parents all snuggled up in our house on the lake. 

Some fishing with Uncle Evan:

Awww. How cute is this pic with papa?

My dad looking pensive:

Chilling on the quad:

Funny faces:

And the most amazing sunsets:


A little stroll..

with some scary monster faces:

Checking out the sea-doo:

My parents rolling on the quad:

I take my drinking seriously. LOL.


Family picture- How cute is this little girl?

Some cousin love:

Are we having fun yet?

Two generations of brotherly love:

Dare I say, our trip was almost perfect:

and these two guys had the best time, which is the most important part.

Seriously, where has the summer gone? Why is it almost over?
There is still time for a last minute trip here and there.
Any end of summer trips planned?

Let me know. I would love to hear from you.



  1. Lovely photos Hun. My boys would relish in running around that open field.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Lisa! It's great for the boys. They love it up there. Any way we can tire them down, right?
    lots of love to a fellow mom with energetic boys- xoxo


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