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Sneak Peek: Amy's Brooklyn Pad, Part 2

Hello there!
Remember this pretty lady and this handsome guy?
If you don't take a look {here}.

Well, they are back!
I had so many pictures from Amy's Brooklyn pad that I didn't want to cram all of them into my last post.

So, here are a few more....

Amy's guest bathroom is simple and white, but I LOVE how she adds these intense splashes of color to take the space from normal to AMAZING.

Super cute idea, right? Guest bath towels in this lovely basket.

All bath accessories by Jonathan Adler.
See {here}, {here}, {here} and {here}.

Here's Amy's closet.
MAJOR! MAJOR! For you non-city dwellers this closet is beyond a rarity in most NYC apartments.

I definitely need this jewelery storage in my new closet.

Master Bathroom.  Super sleek and contemporary.


Happy Tuesday!
Seriously, WHERE HAS THE SUMMER GONE? I used to be one of those nerdy kids that really looked forward to school starting every year- new clothes, new notebooks, seeing all of my friends again. Now with none of that fun stuff to look forward to in the fall, I often feel even sadder that the summer is almost over. :(
There's nothing like choosing vanities for your guest bathroom to pick you up out of an end of summer slump, right? NOT! LOL.
Anywho, I have to say when picking out the vanities for the guest bathroom I had no idea what direction I was going in-super modern like the rest of the kitchen or modern with a touch of the past to tie in the Victorian style of our house.
I had narrowed down my vanity choices to these lovelies:

This one was more traditional but the chrome legs made it more current.  I had a hard time with the fact that it only had 2 legs though. Is it just me or does it look a bit strange?

I eyed this beauty when I was picking out the vanities f…

Weekend in Review

Hello there! I hope you have a lovely weekend.
On Friday, I had a long list of things that I wanted to work on for the house this weekend including picking the granite for the kitchen island and counter tops; picking a back splash for the kitchen, picking a vanity for the guest bathroom and figuring out what I was doing for an accent wall for the same bathroom.  I also wanted to pick out a faucet for the kitchen, but that item didn't make it on to the agenda AT ALL and though I was thinking of the granite, we didn't get around to doing that either.  The problem with a lot of design stores for kitchen and bathrooms is that they have limited hours on Saturdays and are usually closed on Sundays.  So you have to jam pack a ton of stuff from 9 am to 3 pm on a Saturday.

I wanted to pick the granite counter top and then work from there, but sometimes, what you plan isn't what works out. 
So we ended up looking at the back splash and tiles for the accent wall.
We also got the v…