Help! What Should I Wear?

Happy Friday and Happy Birthday to my amazing, loving, marvelous, devoted and hard-working hubby!!!

In celebration of hubby's big day, we are going out for a little din-din.  I decided to wear my ballerina inspired outfit (hee hee)- all I need is a pair of pointe shoes and I'll be set.

So, I have a tendency to be a bit 'matchy-matchy', which according to Heidi Klum on one of my fav shows,  Project Runway, is boooooring. 

For those of you who don't know what matchy-matchy means (guys), it means that I like to take one color in my outfit and match it to another accessory like a necklace, purse, shoes, etc.  I think it's the inner child in me that had to match her socks and hair ties to her outfits back in the day. 

Now, I don't want to be snooze-worthy, so help me pick my accessories for dinner tonight.  Make sure you reply quickly, cuz it's an early one.

First, excuse these weird pics, that make me seem slightly robotic in nature. It's hard to take a pic of yourself!
Second, that weird line going through me is where two mirrors meet in the bathroom.
Third, I was trying to take these pics while both of my boys were using me as a jungle gym, so they may not be the best.... you get the drift.

So, without further ado......

Matchy-matchy choice #1.

Blue necklace.
Decided to throw in a bit of neon yellow to off-set the matchy-matchiness.

Necklace, skirt, bracelets all from J. Crew, blouse: Zara, tank underneath: Old Navy

Not matchy-matchy choice #2:

Same lovely necklace from the Crew in a different hue
 (ha! that rhymes.. wow. I'm silly today. probably due to not sleeping for the last 17 months. thanks little guy. btw- you can see his curly little head in the bottom left of the pic.)

Bracelet- an awesome b-day gift from my rents aka parental units aka my lovely, lovely parents. thank u!!!

Up close and personal shots of the jewels:

This one still available online. See {here}

I'm actually thinking that Heidi might be right and I should go with the non matchy-matchy option- aka the mint green necklace combo instead of the blue one.

Let me know what you think.

Comment on the blog or over on my Facebook page {here}.


Thanks for your help and thanks for reading!!

Happy Weekend!



  1. Don't worry you will not be matchy-matchy if your husband dresses like a slob.

    1. You're right- I won't be matchy-matchy with you if you dress like a slob, hubby. However, you don't dress like a slob so I guess we can be matchy-matchy in our well-dressedness (yes, I made up that word).
      Happy B-day!


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