What's Going on Over at the House?

Hello there!

Lots of pics from the new house today.  

Here's what was going on last week:

 *the framers tore down the old roof over the sun room and part of the kitchen
*they re-framed the roof so that it would be more sloped to avoid water pooling in the flat areas
*they ripped out any remnants of the existing walls so that the electrical and plumbing could be redone
*the floor was ripped out and a new one was put down- this was a tremendous job because each different part of the kitchen/sun room had a different level floor under the hardwood floor
*new heating system is also being worked on- old radiators being taken out
*air conditioning is being added to the house 

I know some of you will think that we are CRAZY to tear down this lovely space, but our house had virtually no insulation and it would have cost a ton in heating every month.  We also had no air conditioning and window units use a ton of energy.  So, even though it will cost a lot more initially, we will definitely save on the back end.  We also, thought the layout of the kitchen island was a bit strange and wanted to change that.

For more pre-demolition pictures of the house go {here} and {here}.

Now on to the pictures:
(Note all before pictures were taken before we bought the house.)

BEFORE: Sun Room and Roof area that were taken down

BEFORE: Sun Room

NOW: View of Sun Room from Kitchen

NOW: New Roof Line

NOW: Work being done on Sub floor

BEFORE: Guest Bathroom off of the Kitchen

Bathroom pre-demolition:

NOW: Bathroom post demolition

Every time I go to the house and see it in this torn up state, I think, poor house.  Then I try to remain calm and think happy thoughts about how amazing the space will look when it's all done.  Sometimes it's overwhelming, but again- happy thoughts, happy thoughts, happy thoughts. :)

Come back again as I'll have some pictures of my super chic friend, Amy, and her amazing Brooklyn apartment!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Loving the pics Marissa...there's nothing that says POSH quite like a White Sofa/Couch in a sunlit room :)

    I'm definitely feeling you on the awkward columns being a fan of Open Plan designs ...but wow...you do have quite the task there :)

    Good Luck with the Reno...

    1. I don't know how I missed this comment. So happy you stopped by, Chris. Now you have to stop over to see the finished product. :)

  2. With your taste and amazing design/decorating ideas, I have no doubt the space will look awesome when complete. With hubby being an architect/General contractor I have seen many a space go from drag to fab. I am certain it will be fabulous. Can't wait to see when complete.


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