Goodbye Island, Goodbye

I hope you were fortunate enough to have off from work yesterday.  Thank you, Mr.  Presidents!!

So, we spent another weekend at the house trying to get things in order. We spent a lot of time mapping out different layouts for the master bathroom and the kitchen.

Below are some pictures of the kitchen before and in its current state.

More to come this week, so keep checking back to see our progress!

NOW-taping up floor to try different island configurations



  1. Ris... Looks like you've got your work cut out. Wish youlorre closer, maybe my hubby could have done your kitchen. He's a General Contractor/ Architect and has done numerous projects of similar size and detail. Check out his kitchen and bath portfolio for additional ideas at All the best with your renovations..

    1. Hi Yasmin- yes, too bad you guys are so far away! Finding a good contractor is always really hard. We have a few that people have recommended, so I guess we'll see how it goes. :) You're so lucky- husband and contractor roled into one, gotta love that. hope all is well and thanks for stopping by the blog! come again!


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