We are thinking about redoing the master bath and the kitchen in our new house before we move in. These are no small projects, so we have A LOT to think about and to plan.

The current kitchen in our house (it still sounds strange to say this) has an eat-in kitchen and a sun room. I love the overall feel of this room and the concept behind it, but the layout of the actual kitchen is a bit awkward. The main problems are: 1) it is very long and somewhat narrow, 2) the current island is literally diagonally placed, 3) if you are cooking, you are missing out on the view and lovely atmosphere and 4) there are two support beams in the middle of the area that really mess with the general flow of the space.

Would I be happy with the kitchen the way it is (with new appliances of course)? I'm sure I would be, but why not LOVE it instead? ;)

So, without further hesitation, pics of the kitchen in its previous state (when the people we bought our house from still lived there)....
All images are from the files of StyleBurbia


  1. The space is amazing!! I cant wait to see the after photos.

  2. Can't wait for you to see it in real life!

  3. That living room looks just like the one at 453 W 47th Street!

    1. You're right, catfish, it looks EXACTLY like that living room! ;)


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