Oh Boy!

I have to admit that the rooms I'm having the hardest times with are my little boys' rooms. I have a one year old and a three year old.  For now, my one year old (T) doesn't have much of an opinion when it comes to how he wants his room decorated.  On the other hand, my older son (H) likes a lot of things: dinosaurs, robots, trucks, construction vehicles, rocket ships, etc. etc.  At first I figured I would do a space-themed room that would have an orange and blue color scheme.  I bought some bedding from Land of Nod (Crate and Barrel's kids store) and figured we would work around that.
I bought this comforter and the round pillow, which pays homage to the 'planet' Pluto.
I thought that I would buy a set of Land of Nod's robot sheets and a pillow or two, to mix things up a bit, while still keeping to the orange and blue theme.
Robot Sheets- Land of Nod
So, after all of this contemplation H told me that he must have RED in his room. Hmmm.... ok... just throw off my whole color palette, kid! LOL. Now what's a girl, I mean a mom, to do?

H's new room is similar in color to the room below (don't worry I'll post pics, so you can see what color it really is). So, maybe I should just throw a few orange, blue and red stars up on the ceiling? Does this plan seem too easy, and not creative enough?
Red and blue room from gapinteriors.com found via pinterest.com
I know my kids don't live in a Pottery Barn Kids catalogue, but I still want their rooms to be nice.
I definitely have more ideas that I'm working through.  I'll post those shortly. Until then, do you have any amazing ideas for kids rooms that I can steal? :)  Pretty please!


  1. That's a tough one Ris... But what I do is alternate. Our kids are the same age so I know what you're going through. i started with the Pottery Barn Varsity Sports bed set. Then my 3 yr old son decided he wants planets (he's all into naming the planets now), so we got a planetarium which we turn on at night (Discovery Kids), some space themed sheets and a painting of the solar system. ...and then there's Thomas the Train, so I had to get some Thomas sheet etc. So what I did was, with the exception of the painting of the solar system (which ironically works with any theme) I got neutral things for the walls. I got the Pottery Barn letters for his name (the espresso ones, same color with his bed), then I got a really nice organization system for the 3rd wall. The organization system has a pin board, white board with weekly & monthly calendar, and a chalk board. His bed kind-a takes up the entire 4th wall (he has the Camp Bunk System from Pottery Barn). Yes, I know, we live at Pottery Barn Kids.... just about everything in his room is from PBK or Restoration Hardware Baby & Child... it's just easier and I know it's good quality stuff that will survive my rambunctious kid. Oh, and his room is painted blue and brown so it goes with all 3 themes. 

    1. Yasmin- I see you like Pottery Barn Kids just about as much as I do! LOL.
      You bring up a lot of good points in your comment. First of all, kids like a lot of different things and what they like is constantly changing. This is the reason, why I'm trying to avoid having the boys' rooms be too 'themey'. I would hate to put a ton of effort into decorating their rooms and then the next day they are 'over' it. I think for this reason too, it's good to try to keep furniture and paint neutral and then change accessories like bedding, wall art, lamp shades, decals, etc. as their tastes change. Second of all, I think you're right, you need to go with good quality furniture if you plan on having it for a while. Thanks for sharing, Yasmin! Come again! :)


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