Keep it in the Closet

Closets are SO important.  We put a bid on a house during our recent house search.  Though we loved the house, there was one problem- closet space.  The master bedroom had only one small closet.  It had barely enough room for one person, let alone two people to share, and there were no alternate closets in another room that one of us could use.  If you're going to move out of the city- and an apartment that actually has good closet space-you need to have ample closets.  Needless to say, the deal on the other house fell through and instead we found OUR house.  Hooray!  Though there is only one closet in our master bedroom, and it isn't huge, there is a dressing area down the hall with two closets and a shoe closet that I have decided to take over. Yeah! Finally! A girl's dreams CAN come true!  :)
So, now we have to deal with redoing the closets.

Let's start off with the closet in the master bedroom:

Closet with previous owners' clothes

Note the lovely wallpaper hiding behind these clothes (ugh)
Right side of closet

Left side of closet

We ripped out all of the shelving, removed the wallpaper, re-plastered the walls and painted the closet.  Now that that is done we need to put some shelves up.  I know California Closets are amazing, but how expensive are they?  We were thinking about making up our own configuration and buying the parts from Home Depot, Lowes, The Container Store or Ikea, but haven't decided what to do yet.  So, I ask you, my lovely readers- have you created your own closet space? Did you use one of the companies I mentioned or another one? How did the shelving hold up over time? Can you share your good AND bad experiences, please?


  1. You should have posted the closet that the owners used only for shoes! Every (or at least most) women's fantasy. What are you going to do with that one?!

    1. Amber, do not fret a post of that closet is forthcoming! :)
      That closet will remain as a shoe closet- finally this woman's fantasy is coming true!


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