White Kitchen

I was searching through houzz.com for some inspiration for the new kitchen/sun room (See my previous post here).  There are SO many images.  I included a few below for your viewing pleasure.  ;)  I love finding ideas there and on pinterest.com (perhaps I should be honest and tell you that I am OBSESSED).  When you need ideas, what sites do you visit? What magazines do you read?

To see more of my kitchen visions, check out my board on Pinterest called White Kitchen

Here's to a weekend filled with much inspiration and many ideas. I know I'll need them!
2009 Showcase Home on Park Alley traditional kitchen

Kitchen contemporary kitchen
A Cooks Paradise traditional kitchen
Sunday Brunch traditional dining room


  1. I subscribe to Architectural Digest and NY Spaces for ideas on kitchens, should my NYC kitchen one day magically expand to 4x its current size.

    1. Architectural Digest- of course, the go-to on the design front!
      NY Spaces- I saw a copy of this recently when I was in the bookstore, but have never read it before. I'll have to check it out. Thanks for the tip!

  2. I really like the second picture down and it seems like it would work very well in the space, as long as you could get the refrigerator on the side wall by the entrance. Home Depot and Lowes have all design books in the front of the store. My Mom gets her inspiration paging through them while my Dad shops for what ever project they are working on. We also watch a ton of HGTV.

    1. Great women must think alike! :)
      I was just doing the same thing the other day-checking out the kitchen and bath magazines while in Home Depot. HGTV is great too- totally addicting!


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