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Kitchen Final Update

Hi. hi.
Sometimes you get so caught up in the renovation process you forget to share the finished product. Drum roll please..... Though I would say we've been done for probably over a year (lol), here is the StyleBurbia kitchen.

For a walk down memory lane, here are some pictures from the process and some of our inspiration:

Posts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,6* (this one provides a great look at the whole process), 7 & 8.

 I included a few here for your browsing pleasure:

Summer, Summer

Hello there my lovies. It has been a while. I do apologize for neglecting you, but you know I would never do so unless I had a good reason.
Taking a minute to share a few of our summer pics with you-  A little family vacay in Sag Harbor
some brother love :)

hanging out on the pier with all of my boys

buried in the sand

love coming across these beauties on our strolls from town to the house

I  would love to get my hands on this house and re-do it to its original glory.

We had a cloudy morning so we headed to the East Hampton Children's museum. You know me and my love of gardens... so, so pretty and the lighting was perfect


This place is awesome.

Grrrrrrr.... now that's a pirate's face if I ever saw one. LOL.

round and round and round we go..

July 4th parade in town

Someone enjoying a sweet summer strawberry.

Mom, Kieran is unfocusing me. LOL.

'nuff said. lol.

Stop pointing that thing in my face and rescue me!

and a sneak peek at one of the three projects i'm working on...
a dre…

More Blooms and a Happy Mother's Day

I told you I'm a sucker for this time of year, so bear with me as I share more pictures of our flowers blooming.
Our weeping cherry.
We used to have two that would form a canopy above you as you walked down the path to our back door. It was magical.  Alas, we lost it to a grub attack the super hot summer when we first bought the house.  :(  We must buy a new one.

Here's one of our other cherry trees. I believe it's called a Kwanzan cherry tree. Gorgeous, huh? Especially with the blue sky as a background and the cute little Japanese maple beneath it. I love plants too much. I know. I can't help myself.

The walkway to Tristan's school.

It was a lovely Mother's Day at our house. My mom and mother-in-law joined in for the festivities.

Our cherry tree started to drop its flowers. They were blowing in the breeze. It was beautiful.

and a baby surrounded by flower petals while he sleeps awwwwwww...

How was your Mother's Day? Any fun plans for the summer- it is quickly arriv…