Summer, Summer

Hello there my lovies.
It has been a while. I do apologize for neglecting you, but you know I would never do so unless I had a good reason.
Taking a minute to share a few of our summer pics with you-
 A little family vacay in Sag Harbor

some brother love :)


hanging out on the pier with all of my boys

buried in the sand

love coming across these beauties on our strolls from town to the house

I  would love to get my hands on this house and re-do it to its original glory. 

We had a cloudy morning so we headed to the East Hampton Children's museum.
You know me and my love of gardens...
so, so pretty and the lighting was perfect




This place is awesome.

Grrrrrrr.... now that's a pirate's face if I ever saw one. LOL.

round and round and round we go..

July 4th parade in town


Someone enjoying a sweet summer strawberry.

Mom, Kieran is unfocusing me. LOL.

'nuff said. lol.

Stop pointing that thing in my face and rescue me!

and a sneak peek at one of the three projects i'm working on...
a dressing room, a man cave and a home renovation.
fun stuff

Hope you are enjoying your summer!!!!


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