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Happy Friday!!

We are still living in our apartment while we renovate our new house.  We've lived in our apartment for about 5 years now and it's been a great place to live.  People that don't live in NYC are always talking about how apartments here are so expensive and small.  It's true that you don't have the space in the city that you would if you lived in the suburbs, but there are so many great things about living here- easy commute to Manhattan for work- subways run 24/7 and they come pretty frequently; tons of amazing nightlife-bars and clubs; access to some of the best restaurants in the WORLD; great delivery services- you can get food, dry cleaning and laundry, groceries, prescriptions and many, many more things delivered right to your door; cultural activities; outstanding shopping; beautiful Central and Prospect Parks; crossing paths with people from every country around the globe.  This list could go on and on. You can tell I'm going to miss living here, right (wiping small tear away from my eye)?

We've been fortunate enough to live in a 3 bedroom apartment that has outdoor space (for all you suburbanites or country folk, this is a big deal. It's really hard to get outdoor space in the city).  We've had many a cookout in our little patio area (yes, it's big enough to fit a grill, table and chairs) and summer night dinners with me and the hubby.

We just put our apartment on the market for sale.  It's interesting to think about who may live in the place where we made a life and have many, many memories. 

Before I start getting too sappy, here's a peek at our current digs. 

Anyone out there want to move to Park Slope, Brooklyn?
Living Room & door to outdoor patio

Built-in Bookshelves

View of Kitchen from Living Room


H's room

T's room

Master Bedroom




Happy Weekend!!!!

All pictures are from the files of StyleBurbia, please do not use without my permission.


  1. Oh Brooklyn, how I miss you? I'll miss the memories in that apartment too. Mike and I painted the guest room.

    1. Brooklyn misses you too, Amber!
      We have had a lot of great memories in that apartment. Now we'll just have to make as many (and more)in the new house!

  2. I like it... Quite spacious for a city apartment. My hubby would jump at the opportunity to move to NYC (he used to live there back in the day) and has presented many dissertations on why we should move to Capital Hill... LOL. However, being from St. Lucia, it's hard for me to live in the city. Don't get me wrong,, I LOVE the perks of working in DC, but at the end of the day, I love the idea of coming home to quiet suburban living. I am sure you will grow to love suburbia as much as you love the city. My "urbanite" hubby secretly admits that's he's grown to love it too... LOL.

    1. LOL. Well, after the kiddos grow up and you want to do something exciting, maybe you can move to the city then. My hubby and I are hoping to move back when our kids get older, but that's a LONG way off. Hopefully, I will grow to love the burbs (I did grow up in the burbs after all). Thankfully, like you, I'll still be working in the city, so at least I'll get to be here every day.

  3. Love those wall decals in Tristan's Room!!

    1. A very special lady with the aid of her equally awesome hubby made these as decorations for the baby shower for my now 3 year old. Before he was born, I decided I couldn't bear to put them in the closet and collect dust. So, they became the theme in the nursery. Always nice to look in there and remember such a great gift and such a special time in my life. Thanks to my sister-in-law, Donna, and brother-in-law, Josh!!! xoxo


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