A Little Something for the Guys

A few of my guy followers wanted to know why I hadn't included a men's spring shopping list and the truth is, I was actually working on it to post for this lovely Friday. 


I'll preface this post by saying that all of the items that I am going to include are more for weekend wear.  I think most men look good in the basic button-down and slacks for the office.  So, let's focus on the more fun stuff.

Let's start with outerwear.

This jacket can be worn over anything- a t-shirt, button-down, sweater, pants or jeans. 
It's basic and simple, but looks good with everything and on everyone.

J.Crew Fatigue Jacket


Guys, this is super easy.  Just don't wear them too baggy or too tight. We ladies want to be able to see the outline of your physique without actually seeing it.  Keep us guessing.  It's all about the intrigue.   ;)  

J.Crew broken in tee


Again. Simple. Easy. Hard to screw up.

J.Crew polo


Great for the spring when the weather is unpredictable. 
Again don't wear these too baggy.  This is not junior high gym class.

J.Crew utility fleece hoodie

J. Crew v-neck sweater

J.Crew lightweight washed shirts
Love all of the shirts here

For budget-friendly options, Uniqlo is having a sale on shirts similar to these for $19.90 until this Sunday, April 1st. See here and here.

 Don't be afraid of color

If you are wary of color, try using color in your accessories- your belt, your socks, the band on your watch, your tie or your shoes.

Maybe try adding colored laces to these boots:

J.Crew Suede MacAlister Boots

or try any of these:

Tucco shoes by Creative Recreation

Cole Haan Air Jasper Wingtip

Cole Haan Air Grant loafers
Runspark LE sneaker by Onitsuka Tiger

Don't forget your sunglasses cuz a guy in sunglasses is HOT!

Mark Vanderloo in Hugo Boss sunglasses

Happy Weekend!!! xo


  1. You had me up until the shoes! Also I would lose the hood on the first jacket - feels more flexible that way. Overall, nice work! (again, except for the shoes LOL).

    1. Good advice, J, about the hood. Having it hoodless definitely gives you more options on where you can wear this jacket. Now, the shoes... lol. Yes, they are a bit unconventional, but they do add a bit of fun, right? ;)

  2. Did you get any of these pieces for Gabe? Any luck...

    1. I've been so busy with house stuff that I haven't been paying as much attention to hubby's wardrobe. He has a pink gingham shirt that he usually wears to work. Yes, I said pink. He also has a bunch of colored sneakers, so he's good in that department. I definitely want to add some slimmer tees and casual button downs to his spring wardrobe. By the way, the jacket in this post was inspired by one I saw your hubby wearing last time I saw him ;). I liked it so much I wanted one for myself!


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