Paint, Paint, Paint

The previous owners of our house had good taste in paint.  We liked every color in the house, but we wanted to change things up.  Paint is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to change the feel of a room or an entire house.  The previous owners had 3 daughters and we have two sons, so we wanted to give their bedrooms a slightly more 'boyish' vibe without painting both of their rooms the standard baby blue.

Here are pics of our older boy-H's room (excuse the mess):



Here are some pics of our little boy, T's room:


Now (this is actually a light green, but appears more yellow in the sunlight)

We decided to keep the carpeting in the rooms as the stripes are playful and good for a kid's room.  We already bought new ceiling fans for both rooms, so those should be up shortly.

I decided to paint my dressing area in the same color as the living room in our apartment (Creamy Orange by Behr) because I wanted to bring a little piece of our apartment into our new house.

Are there any colors that you use over and over again?


  1. Lovely hues Ris. Is there a fireplace in H's room? Wow! The color that I use over and over again is Benjamin Moore's "Dark Celery." it looks awesome with a white or gold trim. I used it in the living room of our old apartment before the kids arrived and again in the living room of our current house. The color really relaxes me.

    1. Thanks, Yasmin. Picking paint can be so hard, especially depending on the lighting of the room. Luckily we only had to try one other color for each room before settling on these. I love having a go-to paint that you know and love.

      and yes, that is a fireplace in H's room... wish it were in my room instead ;)

  2. Thanks D! I think it's even nicer in person. Can't wait for you to see it.

  3. I've always wanted a real window seat like that. I'm jealous of H!


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