Spring Shopping List

With the weather yesterday in NYC, you would swear we were in the middle of winter, but before we know it, spring will REALLY be here.  That's why I'm working on my spring shopping list, so that I will be prepared when spring truly graces us with its presence.

So, here's what's on my list:

1) Crisp white shirt

Stretch perfect shirt

Not much to say about this.  It's classic.  It goes with everything- pants, skirts, jeans and shorts.  
It should always be a staple in your wardrobe.

See a budget-friendly version here at Joe Fresh.

2) Gingham button down

JCrew Perfect shirt in mini-gingham

Cute, girly and sweet, but still professional enough that you can wear it to work. 

I'll be paring mine with trousers and pencil skirts during the week and white jeans during the weekend.  This would also look super cute with cut off shorts or bermudas depending on your preference when it comes to the length of your shorts.

3) Cropped Trousers

JCrew Bennett chino

I'm thinking of getting something like this in a basic color like navy and then another color that's a bit more fun.  My office is pretty conservative, so I'm not sure I can get away with wearing this bright color there. 
Maybe I should just wear them and stir things up a bit? ;) 

4) Spring Scarf

Bloomingdales- Echo Ikat print fringe trimmed scarf

Scarves are great when it's a tiny bit cooler outside than you thought it was going to be. 
It's amazing how a little piece of fabric around your neck can warm you up.. and they're cute. 

5) Brightly colored jeans/pants

JCrew waverly chino

Zara Dyed Trousers with Zips

6) Lightweight Jacket

Joe Fresh Hooded Anorak

7) A Touch of Neon

I'm not going to go crazy with this trend.  I already embraced this trend whole-heartily the first time it appeared when I was in junior high (hope I'm not dating myself too much).  At the same time, it is a lot of fun and makes me smile, so it will be just a touch of neon for me.

Shopbop- Marc by Marc Jacobs Rubbert Turnlock Bracelet

Asos Fluro Skinny Belt

What's on your spring shopping list?


  1. Hey Ris, can you, or anyone, clue us dudes in on what the heck we're supposed to wear!? If not, I guess I can stick to my every occasion t-shirt and jeans look.

    1. Hey McCray-
      I was thinking about you guys when I was posting my spring shopping list. Check out my post today for the fellas!

  2. Oh the joy of spring!!! I am loving all the bright colors this year. Ris, like you, my office is super conservative. So the way that I've been spicing it up is with my shoes and tops. The cure for the common black, blue, or dull grey suit is, for me, a really cute pair of mustard yellow, red or royal blue pumps, or fun color cami or shirt underneath my jacket. So I do agree, you should totally stir things up at work with some color. lol

    1. Yasmin-
      That is definitely a great way to add subtle pops of color to my office wear. I just wish I could wear bright red or blue pants! I think I can probably wear a brightly colored skirt as long as I keep everything else VERY basic. I'll try to get away with something more adventurous and we'll see what the office outfit police say! LOL

  3. Bauble Bar has some great budget neon pieces. I love that site.

    1. Bauble Bar! Love their stuff especially for trendy pieces you don't want to break the bank on. I added some of their pieces to my spring shopping list. Take a look on my pinterest board: http://pinterest.com/styleburbia/spring-shopping-list/


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