Outdoor Summer Parties

Sorry for the radio silence this week, but I was deathly ill and am only just getting out of bed after 2 days... ugh!  Though I'm still not 100%, I started thinking of things to cheer myself up and what came to mind? ... Throwing parties in our new backyard this summer! Hooray... (slightly less enthusiastic than normal... mustering up strength)!! There we go. :)

Here are a few things that I thought would be great for summer entertaining:

Pottery Barn- Decorator's Drink Dispenser

My mother-in-law has these plates and a bunch from Thomas Paul and I love them:
Thomas Paul coasters

West Elm- Outdoor Metal Drink Bucket

and outdoor decor...

West Elm- Montauk Nest Chair

West Elm-Porcelain Hurricanes

One Kings Lane: Half Moon Outdoor Pillow in Flame

Are you looking forward to summer entertaining? Anything on your to-get list to make your summer parties prettier?


  1. I like those tiki torches, like the ones they have at luaus. I think they sell them for parties. Some of them even keep away bugs.

    Feel better!

    1. Thanks for the well wishes, Bert!
      Tiki torches are perfect for a summer luau. I'm not sure I'll be getting that exotic this summer, but anything that keeps bugs away is an ADDED bonus in my book. On a related topic, does citronella really work? I still get bitten when it's out.

  2. Hi Rissie... Sorry to hear you've been I'll. Glad you are feeling better. Looking forward to summer parties as well. I have discovered this great place to cater food. I am looking forward to using them this summer. I used to try to cook everything at my summer parties but I have learned that its ok to let others do the work.

    1. Thanks, Yazmin! I am feeling SO much better. You AGAIN bring up an amazing point that I will have to remind myself of before I throw a party where I want to cook EVERYTHING. Sometimes it is best to cater at least part of the meal and maybe add a few homemade items just to make things a little easier for yourself. This way you're not exhausted when the party comes and can truly enjoy yourself. Yazmin, you are wise! :)


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