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Seriously, WHERE HAS THE SUMMER GONE? I used to be one of those nerdy kids that really looked forward to school starting every year- new clothes, new notebooks, seeing all of my friends again. Now with none of that fun stuff to look forward to in the fall, I often feel even sadder that the summer is almost over.

There's nothing like choosing vanities for your guest bathroom to pick you up out of an end of summer slump, right?

Anywho, I have to say when picking out the vanities for the guest bathroom I had no idea what direction I was going in-super modern like the rest of the kitchen or modern with a touch of the past to tie in the Victorian style of our house.

I had narrowed down my vanity choices to these lovelies:

This one was more traditional but the chrome legs made it more current.  I had a hard time with the fact that it only had 2 legs though. Is it just me or does it look a bit strange?

Porcelanosa vanity

I eyed this beauty when I was picking out the vanities for the master bathroom.  I absolutely LOVED IT and thought it was the right balance between modern and old school.  The fact that it only had 2 legs was less obvious than the one above.  The only problem was the price!!

Piano Vanity from Porcelanosa

On the more modern/contemporary side I was looking at this one. Though it was less than half the price of the one above, it didn't have the 'I love it factor'.

Sophia Vanity from Decolav (via Hardware Bath & Spa)

(Btw- if you are looking for faucets for your kitchen or bathroom, toilets, built-in medicine cabinets, etc. etc. and are in the New Jersey area, stop by Hardware Bath & Spa and ask for Heather.  She is SUPER sweet and PATIENT.  We got the built-in medicine cabinets for our master bathroom here and the glass wall for our shower.  We're still deciding on our kitchen faucets and might end up getting them from there too. I've e-mailed her a million times with different ideas and she is ALWAYS helpful. Love her. I digress....)

And to round out the end, I had spied this beauty at Porcelanosa (do I like this store or what?).

Lounge Mini Vanity from Porcelanosa

I didn't want to jump the gun and just pick a vanity from one of a few places that I had visited, so I decided to take a visit to the Architects & Designers Building in Manhattan.  They have a ton of showrooms filled with kitchen, bath and much, much more.  The great thing is they are open to public, so all you have to do is stop by and browse. Easy.

So here's what I found:
(Most of these pictures are from the showrooms of Davis & Warshow and Hastings Tile and Bath.)

This one was from Porcelanosa again:

After all of that browsing, I still didn't see anything that I thought was better than my original picks.  I decided to call the lovely Aileen that I work with at Porcelanosa (She is amazing. She came up with a super chic design for our master bathroom. So call her up if you need anything from Porcelanosa. She's located in the Paramus showroom.) and guess what????  My lounge mini vanity was on sale! No, it was not the exquisite Piano vanity that I had been eyeing for over 6 months, but it was a close second.

Here she is again.  Can't wait to show you how she looks when all is installed. 
 (Why did I start calling the vanity a she?? NO IDEA!! LOL. weird!)

Love. Oh and when Aileen described the front of this vanity by saying it was kind of quilted like a Chanel bag, I said "sold".   :)

More to come. Thanks again to my girls Heather and Aileen!

Thanks for reading!



  1. Excited to see the finished product! Any updates on the light fixture? xo

  2. "She" looks lovely. LOL. .... and anything that can be compared to a Chanel bag gets an A+ (speaking of back to school) in my book... pun intended :-)


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