Sneak Peek: Amy's Brooklyn Pad, Part 1

Today I'm giving you a sneak peek into the amazing Brooklyn apartment of my friends Amy and Bryan.  Amy and I go waaaaaaaaay back.  We've been friends since freshman year of college. Unfortunately, this is longer ago than I care to admit.  When Amy told me she was decorating her new place, I jumped at the opportunity to chit chat about the space; share ideas; and, of course, drink some wine. ;)

Check us out back in the day with our other besties and roomies:

Yes, we thought we were cool.  Yes, this was before low rise jeans came into being. LOL

A slightly more up-to-date picture of Amy and her sweet pup, Pablo:

Amy's 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment has an open floor plan where the living room, dining area and kitchen share a space.

 Love the graphic pattern on this rug, which makes it the focal point of the room (for now). It will probably be moved to the guest bedroom and replaced by an amazing cowhide rug.  You have to see it once it arrives.  I'm super excited and it's not even my rug!

Amy had a green theme going on in her last apartment.  She's planning on changing the color scheme and getting these two green (or more precisely chartreuse) chairs reupholstered once she decides on accent colors.

This huge row of windows lets in incredible light. Amy is working on the custom draperies as we speak.  She wants to dress the windows to give them a finished look while taking away as little light as possible.

A new coffee table is on its way.

We talked about switching out these dining chairs for some that were a bit more delicate.  We found some that would go well with the glass table.  Only problem, they weren't cheap.

The Master Bedroom:

This picture better illustrates how high the ceilings are in this apartment. Major, huh?

Again, custom draperies will be going in this room.

As you can see, the green theme continued into the bedroom.  Amy is going to replace the bedding, but she's still trying to figure out a color palette.

 Here are some of the fabrics that she is thinking about:

Possible accent colors for an ottoman or maybe the green chairs?
Yes, that's part of the soon to be cowhide rug.

And of course, I couldn't resist including another picture of the handsome Pablo.  How dignified!

Look out for more posts on Amy's apartment.  
I took so many pictures that I didn't want to cram them all into one post.

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