Weekend in Review

Lately, I'm always looking around for furniture for the house.  I'll probably wait until we actually move in to buy the majority of the pieces, so that I have a better feel for how we use the space, but it doesn't hurt to window shop until then, right?

Here were some of lovelies that I encountered:

Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams were having a tag sale. 
They had one in January too and there were quite a few pieces that were discounted heavily.
Keep your eyes open for the next one.


West Elm had quite a few things that I really liked though they were mostly smaller items and not furniture.

Parsons desk wrapped in grass cloth:

West Elm Parsons Desk


They are having a bedding sale, 20% off all items.  There were many duvets that I liked.

Ikat bedding:

West Elm Ikat bedding

These cool trays and waste baskets are perfect for your home office.
Handmade in South Africa by a non profit company, Wola Nani, out of papier-mâché.
The artists that make the items are unemployed, women that are HIV positive.

I would use one of these trays on one of my dressers to hold perfume or jewelery.
Buy cute stuff- help people who are HIV positive provide for themselves and their families.
Win. Win.

West Elm Wola Nani office collection

Then I went over to Jensen-Lewis. They were also having a sale.

Loved the architectural vibe of these chairs, but I'm wondering if they are too casual for my dining room.
They also come in cream leather.

Calligaris Mya Dining Chair

The next place I went to was AMAZING.

I've been holding on to a NY Times Thursday Styles article since January 5th of this year that talked about a new consignment store for furniture, Decor NYC.  As the article describes, a lot of the items have been in storage for ages or they were pieces that decorators bought or made for a client that they didn't end up using.  That's where we come in.  Yes, a lot of the furniture was expensive, but I also knew how much some of the pieces would have cost at a 'normal' store and they were significantly reduced.  Going through this place was like going through furniture history.  Loved every minute of it and the clerk (what is the proper terminology?)/man who was helping me, Jeff, was beyond nice.  I didn't buy anything, but I will definitely return when the time is right.  Such a pleasant experience.

Ok. I have NO WHERE to put these, but wouldn't they look amazing in a humongous NYC loft?

Cool art deco chairs:

Loved this pair of lamps.  Can you say dining room buffet?

This lovely baroque marble table might fit in well with the Victorian style of my house.  I'm not a huge fan of this style of furniture, but paired with super contemporary pieces we might have a winner... and you know how much I love white marble.  ;)

Not my style and would have no where to put this, but this set made me smile and that's why I included it.

I fell in love with this lamp.  I was going to buy it without a perusal from hubby, but I thought twice about it.
Good thing.  Hubby thought it looked like the logo for FTD florists.

Well, I guess I could see what he is saying.

Look at the lucite legs of these bar stools from the 70s! You know how I feel about lucite.

These twin chests could look great in a bedroom, entryway, living room, etc etc.

Last, but not least, my journeys lead me to C. Wonder.  I love the way they set up this store.  I walk in and it always make me smile.  This will be the perfect place to go when most of my house is done and we need some finishing touches. 

Ikat dinnerware:

Remember my love of ikat {here}.

Love the little letter plates. 
Love the gumballs.

Look at the wall display in the background.

C. Wonder monogram decorative plate

A million finishing touches all in one spot. 
Animals galore! 
Prints, clocks, picture frames, boxes, trays and more!

Blue and white!
So pretty!
Spot the ikat pillow on the bottom.

Love these zebra plates. So cute!

C. Wonder Zebra plate

For more of the C. Wonder items in these pics look {here} and {here}.

What were you up to this weekend?



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