A Little Fun in the Sun with the Fam and Great Friends

Here are a few pictures from our Texas vacation that seems like it was AGES ago.
You can always count on lots of work to ruin some good R & R. Boo!
We usually head down there once a year as my father-in-law has some digs right on the beach.
He's nice enough to let us invite a bunch of our friends down and we usually stay for a week.

This year we started the trip out in Austin.  Some of our friends, Paul & Deborah, moved to Dallas so they were kind enough to drive to Austin for a little rendezvous.  It was great cuz we hadn't met their adorable twins, Reese and Cole, yet.

I should have a ton of pictures of all of the Austin scenes that we took in, but that was hard to do with 4 kiddos in tow.  Next time we have to hire a babysitter for the brood, so we can really enjoy the city.  I have to say that I really liked Austin and would definitely visit there again.  We had some amazing meals at la Barbecue (a food truck where a little band played and you got free beer while you waited for your super yummy BBQ. BBQ and free beer!!) and the Texas Chili Parlor (I had the most amazing chili here that was loaded with chunks of brisket. My mouth is watering thinking about it now).  

Next time we head down to Austin, we'll have to partake in the local music scene and hit up some of the furniture/home goods stores we passed.  I some really interesting pieces, but once again it was too hard to really shop with the 'gang'. lol. Next time!

Story time with hubby and the gang. 
We're missing our little lady Reese from this picture.

Then we headed down to the beach to meet up with some of our favorite Colorado peeps, Adrian, Nicola, Tristan and Eloise.

Here are some pics from South Padre Island.

Da Boys.

Not only were we in the company of one Tristan, but we were lucky enough to have two!

Hayden with big Tristan and little Tristan (great minds...).

Back to the Beach

Look at the little sharks in the shark's mouth. lol.
Love my boys. They are so silly.

In case you didn't know, South Padre is a famous spring break destination. Take a closer look at Tristan's and my glasses. LOL. A framed copy of this picture was one of my Mother's Day gifts. I love it!

Beer and my baby :)

Uncle Adrian telling a tall tale to the boys.  It must be very interesting. Take a look at their faces.


It's hard to get a picture where everyone looks good. This was as close as we could get.

Any fun family getaways planned for the summer?
or trips to exotic destinations sans children (a dream of mine right now)???



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