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So, you thought I fell off the face of the earth and had shuttered StyleBurbia?
I can't blame you. I've been working my tail off and let me tell you, working a ton during the summer is SO NOT FUN. It is even harder because summer is my favorite time of year (besides Christmas).  I should be catching lightning bugs and eating ice cream with the boys and sipping wine with the hubs on our porch while the light lasts well until the night.
I am not at all happy about this, but what can you do?

So, forgive my infrequent posts and know that it will get better as soon as my work schedule improves.

So, here's a quick update on what's been going on via my Instagram feed.
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Happy July 4th!

A view of the Freedom Tower and a little Lady Liberty love.

Another reason to celebrate? My birthday!!

Here are a few selfies of my b-day outfit:

Bauble Bar necklace and Missoni dress

I love the unique colors of this dress:

Jimmy Choo heels- love the zipper detail in the back

Are you as obsessed with Mad Men as I am and don't know what to do until the next season starts?
Well, while the rest of you are checking out how handsome Don Draper is, I'm checking out the glass that he's drinking out of.

These glasses were designed by Dorothy Thorpe.  I have a little problem when it comes to housewares and glassware.  So, I've been creating my own Dorothy Thorpe collection and these lovelies were the most recent to find their way into my home and heart.

It's been so hot lately that being outside is often not even an option.  We had a little fun in the super air conditioned mall. We found a little play area that we didn't even know existed.

and the boys got to kick it in this ride. lol

Another selfie.
Loving the textiles from Club Monaco right now. My favorite color right now? cobalt blue!!!
I can't get enough.

Originally wasn't too sure about this guy, but now I think he's super cute.
Loving the coleus growing out of his basket.

Last, but definitely not least...
Here's the view from my porch. Hoping to have some drinks and dinner out here some time before the summer is over.  
Who's coming?

I hope your summer is going better than mine in the work department (though of course I have to be thankful cuz at least I have a job, right?).  Tell me, tell me about all your fun plans!!!!



  1. Was wondering when you were coming back! Keep them coming. xo

    1. Thanks for reading and waiting for my next post!


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