A Little Pick Me Up

We sold our apartment in the end of June.  We've been staying with my mother-in-law since then while the last touches are going on at the house. Not sure what it is, but every morning I wake up with the puffiest eyes ever.  This has never happened to me before.  I'm not sure what's causing this.
Maybe I'm allergic to her two kitties (though I had my own cat growing up and was fine)? Maybe not sleeping through the night for almost 19 months has taken its toll on my under eye area?
(Note:  my little guy finally started sleeping through the night about a month ago- after almost 19 months. Hooray! We can get into a whole sleep training discussion, but will save that for another day.)
Maybe I need to just admit I'm getting older and need to go to bed earlier (ummm.. don't like this option)?

Whatever is causing my bags and dark circles, I usually don't wear makeup to the office (read- i'm too lazy) or much at all unless I'm going out, but I might have to start.  My puffy eyes and dark circles are giving me a zombie like appearance and I think my coworkers are getting SCARED. LOL. I must take action! 

First I'm going to try to rid myself of these maladies... I read that the Sephora Instant Depuffing eye mask does wonders, so I strolled down to Sephora and picked one up. Check it out {here}.  It was $6, which isn't bad if you can use it again (if you can't, ummmm way too much $$).  Of course no one in the store knew if it was for one or many uses and when I went to sephora.com a bunch of people had asked if it was for one time use, but no one from Sephora answered.  Hmmmmm... I'll let you know if it works and how many times you can use it.

Sephora Instant depuffing eye mask

I also found this Kiehl's cream in my eye cream journeys.  I read 32 reviews on it and literally every single one said it worked.  Check it out {here}. I had to order it.  We'll see if it works.

Kiehl's Line-Reducing Eye-Brightening Concentrate

And if getting rid of the problem doesn't work, I shall cover it up...

I also saw this feature in InStyle magazine of Corrine Bailey Rae. I always like when magazines have features where the people have skin color that is 'relatively' close to mine.  It makes it easier to imagine if certain makeup would look good on me or not (duh).

I'm thinking for a daytime look this lip color and blush could work on me. Enough for a little pick me up, but nothing too crazy for the office. I love the blue nails too though not for office wear :( 

Image by Jem Mitchell via InStyle

 Cheeks: Kevyn Aucoin The Pure Powder Glow in Fira ($37; nordstrom.com)
Lips: Bobbi Brown Creamy Lip Color in Uber Pink ($23; bobbibrown.com)
Nails: Ciaté Paint Pot in Skinny Jeans ($15; sephora.com)

See InStyle article {here} and {here}.

For a slightly more glam look, I really want to try this red lipstick.

Image by Jem Mitchell via InStyle

Lips: MAC Cosmetics Lipstick in Ruby Woo ($15; maccosmetics.com)

See InStyle article {here} and {here}

I think any of these options would be pretty too. Inspiration from old J. Crew catalogues:

Wine or oxblood is a huge trend this fall. 

Selita Ebanks- Image via InStyle- Isaac Brekken/WireImage

Images from InStyle.  See {here} and {here}.

It obviously was REALLY in style back in the day too as I was often known to rock this color lip. LOL.
Perhaps I will revisit those days and try it again.  :)

And some of my favorite classic beauties rocking each of these colors....


Share your beauty tips with me! I need them!

Have a great weekend!



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