We've Come A Long Way, Baby

Happy Wednesday!

When we first saw our house the Master Bedroom looked like this:
No complaints.  It was a good size and got a lot of light.

Then it looked like this:
We took out the carpet (it was a bit more worn than we originally thought it was.), repainted in a similar hue that had more grey than blue undertones and redid the floors.

Paint- Dolphin Fin by Behr

Things were looking pretty good (at least I thought so). 
Then we had the insulation done and it looked like this:

They bored holes into my walls!!

Then we had to patch the holes and REPAINT!

We had to do this ALL OVER THE HOUSE.

Now on to the Master Closet...

The closet in the Master Bedroom looked like this:

Remember the lovely wallpaper hiding behind the clothes?
It's pretty hard to forget, but if you did, take a look at this old post.

Still a work in progress, but now the closet looks like this:
For budgetary reasons we went from wanting to install California Closets to Elfa by the Container Store to Easyclosets.com to Martha Stewart Collection by Home Depot.  We'll see how they hold up, but for the price, I think they look pretty good.

The boys' playroom looked like this:

We were fine with the paint color that original owners had up on the walls.  We thought it was fun and playful, but more intense than what the pictures portray.  Then the a/c and heat guys had to put some holes in the walls, so we figured might as well change the color since we were forced to.

Now it looks like this:

Paint- Soar by Behr)

More to come!

Never a dull moment around these parts! :)

Thanks for stopping by!



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