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I'm always reading other blogs to see what's out there in the blogosphere.  I always find great ideas and inspiration from my fellow bloggers.

The other day I was checking out A Cup of Jo and stumbled upon the house tour of Abbey Nova, of the blog Design Scouting.  Once you have kids that are in any type of school, they come home with a ton of artwork.  My older son, Hayden is in preschool and day after day he brings home a new drawing.  I put some in frames, but the majority end up in a random pile.  The thought of throwing them out makes me feel very guilty, so when I saw this I thought, "aha."  We have a ton of wall space in what will be the boys' playroom.  I'm thinking something like this would be a great idea for the space.  I probably won't place them in the main area of the room though cuz my little guys have a tendency to get a bit rambunctious occasionally (I mean often. lol) and throw things (like many toddlers), so I'll keep these out of harms way.  Of course the day may come when they say, "Mom, do we really need these baby drawings up on the wall", but until that day...  :)

 photos by Seth Smoot for A Cup of Jo

Here's the soon-to-be playroom where these would go:


More from the house tour:

Love Abbey's son's room.  I thought the tepee and rug were super cute, but I particularly loved the print that says: "Become Who You Are." I love that.  I think as parents we are always trying to project our own life experiences on to our children.  Of course it's nearly impossible NOT to do this.  What else do we have to compare things to, but our own lives?  I think it would be great if we can allow our children to become who they are and not what we want them to be (with some guidance of course). 
Easier said than done.

 photos by Seth Smoot for A Cup of Jo

Get your own "Become Who You Are" poster from the Keep Calm Gallery {here}.

One of my favorite blogs is Sadie + Stella.  Seriously love this blog. You should def check it out {here}.
I'm always getting great ideas from the lovely Lindsay.
I saw this great feature by the multi-talented lady, Jill Sorenson, behind the blog:  Live Like You and Marmalade Interiors.
You can see the whole feature {here}.

My mom and I were going through the furniture in the bedrooms of my sister and I in my parents' house.  The furniture is quite 'girly' so we were trying to think of a way to give the furniture an update while making it a bit more 'boyish', so that one of my little guys could use it. 

All of a sudden I thought of Jill's amazing transformation of this old desk.

It went from this:

Photo via Jill Sorenson, Live.Like.You

To this:

Photo via Jill Sorenson, Like.Like.You

Seriously, can you believe this transformation? Amazing, right?!

It's hard to tell exactly what the desk I've had since I was 6 years old looks like from this picture, but it has a similar kind of vibe to the one Jill transformed. The drawers also have flowers painted on them:

I was thinking of maybe doing a high gloss navy to the majority of the desk, with maybe a lighter blue trim (where the yellow is in this picture).  Am I fooling myself into thinking that this desk will look at all masculine?  I would use it for my own office, but it is actually a kid's desk and it's hard to fit your legs under here.

What do you think? Should I give it a try?



  1. Hey thanks for the nice mention!

    1. You're welcome, Abbey.
      Loved the apartment tour- looking forward to 'borrowing' a few of your ideas. I'll let you know how they turn out.
      Thanks for stopping by!


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