We Moved In!!!!

 We moved in last Saturday. It feels great. More unpacking to do.
More projects to finish, but at least we are in.

We kept going back and forth on what to do in our powder room.
At first I was going to do a wall with tile like this:


or this:


Let's just say that a small wall with one of those tiles would cost A LOT and though we were fine spending it on this space, our budget was shrinking by the minute.
So we went back to the lovely Aileen at Porcelanosa and came up with other options:
These two options were lovely, but didn't have a wow factor:

We pretty quickly decided on the floor that we liked. It was cool because we brought the floor tile and the tile that resembled our vanity and mixed and matched it with different wall tiles (See above and below).

The wall behind this display of sinks was jumping out at hubby, but I was a bit too afraid that it was too 'fun house mirrorish'.

Let's just say I was convinced.  We decided to take this picture for inspiration:

Pinned Image
Image via HGTV blog via We Heart It 

and came up with this (I'm feeling a little Vanna White-esque in this pic. Hope I'm not aging myself with this comment):


Here's a sneak peek of the powder room:
Remember my post about the vanity? No? Check it out {here}.


Light fixture in progress:

Adding these crystals takes a while.
Do you see our trippy walls? Yes, that is wavy, mirror-like tile in stripes!
Crazy, yes.
Can't wait for the big reveal!

To see more of my power room inspiration take a look {here}.
Let's just say the boys are enjoying their new home.....
Tristan enjoying the view from his brother's window seat:
Hayden wondering when he will have a real table to eat his dinner on:
All in all, we are super happy.  More updates to come.
How are you??
Any updates to share?


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