Did You Miss Me?

I am sooooo sorry. I have been beyond MIA the last week or so.  A lot has been going on. Things at the house are really coming together and it looks like our kitchen will finally be finished this week.  Our hot water and heat will be ready to go.  The house is insulated.  The rooms are painted.  All we need to do is another top-to-bottom cleaning to get rid of the TON of sheet rock dust that has settled on EVERYTHING and move furniture around.

It has been a long time coming.

So here is what has been going on.

We finished installing the kitchen cabinets and the granite guys came to measure the island.  They said in the 9 years they have worked for the company, this has been the biggest island they have measured. 

Hmmmm... Maybe we should have gone a bit smaller on the island?

At first, I thought we would choose a granite that was bit more intense.
Maybe something like one of these:

It's hard to see this stone due to the reflection, but a prettier version of this was our front runner for a while.

This one was AMAZING.  It was a painting.  I was hooked, but afraid that it would be a lot on such a HUGE island.  It was also SUPER expensive.

Because the island was so big (I know I've said this a million times already), we had a hard time choosing a stone we liked.   We wanted to cut the stone as few times as possible, which meant we had to get a stone that came in really large slabs.  That, unfortunately, ruled out many pieces for us. :(

We ended up deciding on this soothing number called Snowflakes.  In the long run, I think it's the better choice.  Less intense hopefully means we are probably less likely to hate it later.. trying to convince myself, maybe? 

Along with our 'guide' we took the template that the measuring guy made and brought to each slab to see what we liked best:

Two days later. The stone was at our house ready to be installed. It was pretty funny cuz I was out picking up lunch and all of a sudden I saw a piece of granite pass by.  I almost had to stop myself from waving though I was smiling saying, "that's my granite!"

It took 7 guys to carry these suckers in to the house!

The semi-finished product:
(Sorry for the poor picture quality. It was getting dark and my phone didn't like it. lol. No lights installed in the kitchen. Fingers crossed, it should be happening as we speak.)

Main sink:
Do you like the faucet? The sink is SUPER deep.

Prep sink with water filter:

Soooooo, just a bit of what's been happening in my world.  More for tomorrow!!!

Missed you!

P.S. We got our granite from All Granite & Marble Corporation.  Check them out {here}.
Our faucets were purchased from the lovely Heather, mentioned {here} who works {here}.


  1. So excited to see it at X-giving. Looks great from the pictures!

  2. Beautiful choice of granite. Can't wait to see it in person!

    1. Thanks! Can't wait for you to see it in person too!

  3. Love how the kitchen looks so far -- and I love that granite slab. It looks almost like marble but will be much more durable.

    1. Thanks a lot, Dana! It was a long time coming and we're still not done yet. LOL.


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