Seriously, is it Winter Already? Fall Updates!

I woke up this morning and it was snowing. Yes, I know it's November, but really? I'm not ready yet. 
Part of my mind still thinks it's August. 

Since time is flying by, I need to do a little fall recap for you.

1st day of school.
Hayden returns to preschool but it's Tristan's first day of school. Yippee!

A little visit with my Grandpa.
I'm not sure who's cuter.

My aunt and uncle own a farm in East Lyme, Connecticut- Scott's Yankee Farmer
The boys got to do a little pumpkin picking.

Some gourds for mama: 

and Tristan got to 'drive' a tractor.

How cute is this?

almost there. lol!

some QT with the cousins:

Then it was time for Halloween! Too bad Tristan is acting like an angry dog :(

And a little fall foliage around the StyleBurbia casa:

What were you up to this Fall?

Next up, Thanksgiving and Christmas, lots of food, warm blankets, hot chocolate and logs in the fireplace.

Are you looking forward to the colder weather (for those of you lucky to spend the winter in a warm locale, I am jealous. boo.)?



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