Lounge update

Hi there.

All good here. The baby count down has officially begun with only 3 weeks, 2 days left.
Considering I already have 2 little guys, you would think this should be a piece of cake for me.
Nope. Not. At. All.
The panic is starting to set in because I feel like I haven't been in baby mode in so long.
Will I be fine? I'm sure I will be, but stiiiiiiiilllll. Time to get my game face on.

So, while I am still walking around (barely) and not in the midst of sleep deprivation and diapers, I shall post a few updates that I have neglectfully forgotten to share.

So a while ago, I was dealing with a conundrum. I was trying to recreate the lounge/sun room off our kitchen area, but with a more contemporary feel.

Read {here} to refresh your memory.

The sun room while the previous owners lived in our house:

When we first moved in it looked like this (omg Hayden looks so little here):

Then we graduated to this:

and for a while it looked like this (minus the streamers):

Apologies for all of the horrible pictures.

I went to a ton of stores trying to work out a configuration that would fit into our lovely, but awkwardly shaped sun room.

Finally, after a valiant effort on my part, I gave up.

This is what I came up with instead.

The sofas are from a very cute Mid Century Modern store, Edge, that was located in our town.
My multi-talented nanny made the chevron pillow covers with fabric I bought off of Spoonflower.
The Pangea Home coffee table is from Gilt Groupe.
The rug is from One Kings Lane.
The wee side table, which I am still thinking of replacing because it is too small is from ABC Carpet.
The darker pillows have since been rotated out of this room for others I bought at Home Goods. I'll have to share updated, updated pictures.

Overall, I'm happy with the way the space looks. The only thing I'm thinking of adding are two little stools so that when we have something to munch on peeps can pull up to the coffee table for maximum snacking. I can then hide them away when said guests are not around.

I hope you like the room.
Any spaces that you are working on right now?



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