Chillin' On the Porch

What?? a post???
What's that?
How long has it been?
beyyyyyoond a long time
Welcome back.
I missed you.
Welcome to the StyleBurbia casa.
These are the steps to my front door.

And here is my much neglected porch-random benches and all.

View of the street:

I said it was neglected.
Don't judge.
Random rug from old apartment....
Very comfortable chairs with cool print, but that nothing matches.
I also didn't like that they kinda stuck out into the walkway.


Nice little swing.
Needs some TLC.

Huge table with leaves that would be great for dinners on the porch if we ever had them.
Correction- we used this ONCE for a lovely dinner on the porch never to be had again.

More random furniture....

View from the swing facing back in the direction where we started our little stroll down the porch.

Hot mess!!!
You'll have to check back to see what I did...
I never do that, but today it is done.
I need you to come back.
It will be worth it (I hope).


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