Spaces that Speak to Me

Hi hi.
I hope all is well. It seems like I am always super swamped at work this time of year.  I always feel like I'm missing out on Christmas spirit and holiday festivities when I'm glued to my computer. Poor me. :(  Luckily I had a doctor's appointment a couple of weeks ago and I was forced to escape from the office for a bit. 

One of my favorite stores, Club Monaco, had undergone a complete renovation to their flagship store in NYC and I hadn't had a chance to stop by (insert busy at work- again). My doctor's office is next door so I had no excuse and boy was I happy I stopped by. 

The entryway was perfectly done. I really felt like I was entering someone's super chic home rather than a store. 

This picture does not do the space justice, but the ceiling was so gorgeous- a silvery grey sky with tiny glistening stars. I could stare up at it all day. 

Whoa! Holy moly! Those are real trees. I was in black and white heaven with touches of pale pink. 

The architecture- swoon!

Down those lovely steps I went to the men's store. It was dark and cozy with a touch of rugged sexiness. It seriously made me feel like sitting next to the fire with my man, a glass of whiskey wrapped in a flannel blanket. 

I kid you not. 

The men's dressing room.
Love the leather runner and the overhead lighting:

The ladies lounge. You had me at the cool urchin chandy- feminine with a small touch of the unexpected.

 Can someone come to my house and install these panels of golden butterfly happiness?
 I need these in my life. 

I need these shelves in my little dressing room. I love the gold. I would fill mine with shoes or bags (dream big. That's what I say.)

I have a weird thing for the moon and stars. Couldn't you tell in the way I described the entryway above?  I can't explain it. So, I especially loved this cool constellation installation on the staircase connecting the ladies' area to the men's. 

(Interesting Ris tip: My hubby and I both loved the Hayden Planetarium in NYC when we were kiddos so when we decided on the name Hayden for our first son, having the same name as the planetarium was an added bonus. The stargazer tradition continued when giving our 2nd son the middle name Orion- the constellation of the hunter, Orion. Ok. Ok. Enough about me. Back to the space. )


Last but not least, I really dig this wall sconce. 

This Club Monaco, which is located on 5th Ave between 21st and 20th streets also has an outpost of the famous bookstore, The Strand, and Toby's Estate Coffee.

Beautiful decor, awesome clothes, coffee and books- what more could you want?

Have you seen decor in a store that you loved as much as I love this space?

Hope your holiday shopping, decorating etc. is going smoothly.



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