Where Have I Been?


I've missed you so. Too much work and a lot of stuff going on around on the home front has left poor StyleBurbia feeling quite neglected. While I clear out the cobwebs, I'll share a little bit of what I've been up to and what was so important that I didn't have time for you :(.

So, first we had Christmas. 

We had a ton of family over and we were lucky enough to have my sister celebrate with us from Cali and my brother-in-law from Colorado.

Christmas pjs are a must in our house.

Opening presents is tough work..

Lumberjack Christmas shirts..
Are we really playing with a box when Santa brought us all those gifts???
Hayden's 'cheese' face. We are working on it so it doesn't look quite so creepy... lol

Once the holiday festivities were over, I had to change gears and get going on planning my sister's baby shower. Yes, I am going to be an aunty!!! Soooooo excited!!!!

I'll have to share the details of the party in my next post, so you'll have something to look forward to. 

See you soon (I promise)!
Happy to be back. I hope you're happy to have me!



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