Baby on the Way!

Hi hi.
I'm am still basking in my vacation glow. If only the weather would really start to cooperate so that my transition from vacation to reality would be much easier.

I'm catching up on old posts. 
As you may remember, my sister is preggers and I'm going to be an aunty!
My mom and I threw her baby shower at my house. Since my sister isn't going to find out if she is having a boy or a girl, the color theme for the party was pink, blue and a touch of silver.

Here's what the foyer looked like:

I got this local balloon guy, Jonathan, to make these cute little flower balloons (can't wait to move my seriously comfy, but very bulky couch upstairs to the play room and get a sofa upgrade in this room, but that will not be happening for a while):

Said balloon guy, Jonathan, also made this lovely balloon arch over the buffet area (I was reliving my bat and bar mitzvah days).
Yes, I need a real buffet and yes, that light is super weird, but it has character... at least that's what I tell myself until I replace it.

Still working on this room...

This is the lounge area off the kitchen.
I ordered fabric from Spoonflower and my lovely nanny made new pillow covers for my old pillows.

This picture isn't the greatest because of the lighting, but I got these super cute onesies made on Etsy by the lovely Veronica from Handmade by Vee

Now they are hanging in my sister's nursery. Aww...

The cake! Simple, but so delicious and pretty!
Duane Park Patisserie you never fail me. I have to show you some of the other cakes I've had made there.

Last, but definitely not least, the guest of honor. My sister!!!!! 
Hip, hip hooray!
I am so lucky and honored to have such an amazing sister.
I count my blessings to have someone like her in my life. Hopefully, I will have an equally close relationship with the little bun she has in the oven. 

Have a great weekend, all!



  1. Gorgeous, Gorgeous!!! So sorry I missed it. Amber, you look beautiful.


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