Sending You Joy

Hello, hello.

I usually try to keep my posts light and fun, so that you and I can come here to escape for a few minutes from real life, jobs and stress. That being said, it's been a rough week for us over in the old US of A and I just want to comment on it briefly. First of all, I just want to send my thoughts out to anyone affected by the Boston Marathon bombings and the fertilizer explosion in West, Texas.

As someone who lived in New York City during 9-11, I know how terrorism can change your life unalterably.  It's extremely difficult to truly comprehend this unless you actually live through it, so I feel for you Boston.  I really do. Tragedies like this often show us how truly amazing people really are. Their abilities to help others in a time of need renews my faith in mankind. Also, it's ok to be sad and angry and to grieve over these events even if you don't know anyone that was harmed. It's only natural.

In West,Texas most of the people killed were firemen and EMTs. We often forget to be thankful for those that risk their lives, so that we can live safely (yes, police, firemen, soldiers etc. we mean you). We don't say it often enough but, thank you.

Most importantly, this could have happened to any of us. We could have gone to the Marathon to cheer on a friend that was running; our house could have been close to the plant that exploded. Take a little time to remember how lucky we are to still be here with our loved ones close by. We so often focus on the things that don't matter in life. Let's try and remember the things that do.

Enough 'preaching' for today and for a while. I'm sending you happiness and joy today and every day.

... and here are some pictures of my flowering trees and flowers cuz they make me happy and I hope they will make you happy too.



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