Boys' Bathroom

You must have wondered if I dropped off the face of the planet...
I'm still here. 
The fam and I were lucky enough to spend a little fun in the sun with good friends and family for the last week.  
Nothing like a little fun, sun and r & r to pick up the spirits.

I have to admit that there are quite a few house pictures that I have been holding back from you.
I promise to be more forthcoming.  More pics coming soon of our Master Bedroom, updates to Hayden's room and a design dilemma that is driving me cray cray.

Until then, here are some pictures of the boys' bathroom.

Luckily for us, we made only a few minor adjustments that I think went a long way.

You've heard me say it once and I'll say it again- nothing wrong with this room, but we wanted to add our own splash to the space.  We also thought that the black and white tiles added some fun and were perfect for a little boys' bathroom. We didn't change any of the tiles and only had to do a few minor repairs.

Before pictures:

Zoom in on this oldie but goodie:

First, the boring stuff.  We completed revamped the heating in the entire house. We also added air conditioning.  Some of this is quite interesting, but I'll save it for another post... maybe.  Anyway, this means bye bye ugly eye sore with old world charm.. I mean radiator, hello added floor space.

Now on to the fun stuff.  We got rid of the hideous light fixture. I would show you a picture, but it's not even worth it.
Take my word, it was not cute, at all.
We took what I like to call our lollipop light (the Dolly from La Murrina) that was hanging in the living room of our Brooklyn apartment and hung it here.  We thought the pop of orange went well with the black and white.

(You can see it {here} and {here}.

Hello Tristan (see bottom left hand corner)!

We got rid of the shower curtain and added this cool glass, folding door from our one and only bathroom source... you guessed it.. Porcelanosa. (Hi Aileen!)

The boys' bathroom is actually a pretty good size, but I think this is a great way to make a small bathroom feel much bigger.  I really wanted to get this door for the bathroom in our Brooklyn apartment, which was teeny, but I knew we would be moving soon and didn't want to invest money in something we wouldn't get to enjoy.

It's great too, because you get to actually see the tiles, which were basically completely hidden behind the shower curtain... built-in decoration to the bathroom, hooray!

It is super easy to fold, making access to the kiddos during bath time a cinch.

Adding to the black and white theme, black and white rugs and step stool from Ikea and a very comfy memory foam rug from Bed Bath & Beyond, which makes kneeling during bath time easy on the knees.

More pops of orange were added with towels from Ikea, paired with black (I have white also) towels from Macy's.

This wall is pretty ho hum. Not much going on.  I reused some baskets that were in the boys' nursery. Gasp, they are white, but have... blue and white liners, not black and white or orange! The horror of it all. lol. I'm looking for some art work to hang above the toilet.  I'm thinking 3 cute pieces in orange frames. I'm getting predictable, right?  The search continues.

I have to say the one thing in this bathroom that annoys me on a regular basis is this green laminate counter top.
I just don't get it.
I guess the previous owners were thinking that this green was their orange, their pop of color in the midst of a black and white theme??? Not sure.

Initially, I was going to replace the laminate counter top with a cool black and white granite that looked like a night sky filled with stars. Then I realized a nice new counter top would make the old sinks and hardware, which I'm also not crazy about, look even more old and dated.  So, we decided to wait.  Perhaps when the kiddos are a bit older we can do a vanity, counter top, sink, hardware and mirror re-haul.  Can you tell in my voice (aka my typing) that a part of me is itching to do this NOW?  For now I'm thinking of trying to paint the laminate black, which I saw done on one of my favorite blogs, Little Green Notebook.

I'm a little hesitant because I'm not sure how it will hold up over time if it is exposed to too much water.
Though I bought the paint already, the jury is still out. My dad has a back up plan, so I'll keep you posted.

(If anyone has tried this, please reach out to me.)

Last, but certainly not least, is a little insight into what goes on behind the scenes during my StyleBurbia 'photoshoots'. lol.

Usually, this little guy has an inclination that something is going on. Why has mama disappeared quickly upstairs with the camera in tow?  He has a sixth sense though I try and be sneaky.  So, I'm usually shuffling him around the room so he doesn't appear in all of the shots and saying, "Tristan, can you move over a bit? Tristan, don't touch that. Tristan, I just moved that out of the way, can you please move it back?" etc. etc. You can tell from one of the pictures above that I am not always successful.

Here are some of the out takes:

And my two favorites: 

Glad to be back.
I missed you.

Hope all is well.


  1. Enjoyed the update and LOVED the out take pics. So cute.

    1. Thanks, Linda! Those were only a few of many. Since they are so popular, I'll have to post an out take part 2. lol!!


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