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Hi there lovies.

I guess I'm going into nesting mode early because I've been set to cray cray mode for getting the house in order. We moved the boys into a different room and got them bunk beds, so I'm working on the decor of that room {pictures coming soon}. I also wanted to get the patio around the pool set up, so that we could enjoy the area with friends and family ALL summer long.

Before buying the furniture, I decided on a color palette (slightly backwards, but picking colors is a lot less difficult than figuring out a furniture configuration that works best for your space). I had to choose something because we were ordering umbrellas and I had to pick the colors.

I was deciding between this gorgeous color:


and the classic color of navy:

The navy ended up winning out because I couldn't find chaise lounge cushions in the turquoisey-teal color.

After measuring the space where we wanted to put the sitting area and measuring it and measuring it again, we decided on the right set

It came with these cushions that were pretty nice. The colors were serene and they coordinated with a set of outdoor pillows that I already had (white ones with green leaves- see below). 

But.... of course they didn't go with my handpicked color scheme. LOL... and I couldn't have that.

When it came down to it though I genuinely liked the way that the navy popped against the beige cushions more than the coordinating tans and purples.

So I brought the pillows inside and put them on the couch in the living room (which I will eventually replace, but probably not for a few more years).

We took the wrapping off the coffee table.

And added the umbrellas.

Finally found a spot for some cast iron planters and added some pretty petunias.

The chaises (which the old owners left behind though I'm sure they will have to be replaced next year) made it to the other end of the pool area and I dragged all of my plants outside.

I have to say that overall...

I am pretty happy with the way the space turned out.

I'm even happier each time I'm in the pool or sitting by it relaxing.



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